Writing and motherhood – Guest Blog with Destiny Romance


I’m talking today on the Destiny Romance blog about how I handle writing and motherhood and why I do it.

So many people ask me how I manage to fit it all in and why I would do such a hellish thing. How on earth did I manage to write my first novel, Killing Me Softly Cover2Killing Me Softly, let alone a second one in Dark Moon and all the others I’ve written and am working on.

Sometimes, I’m not sure how to answer them because I’m not at all sure myself, especially when it feels like this:

Imagine my pride that he truly looks like he would suck your blood!

But at other times it feels like this:

My Happy Family


and things are so wonderful that I feel like I’m flying (or skiing on a beautiful day like this with the people I love the most!) All I know is that it is necessary for me to do it and because it’s necessary and because I love it, I find the time.

What do you find the time to do that other people might think is crazy?

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