The Eldaran Wars (proposed 3 book series)

The Prophecy Girl: Book 1 of the Eldaran Wars

Ripped from their planet by a jealous Dark God, the Eldarans have long searched for a way back home. Their one hope rests with the Prophecy Girl. Born of humans, she is invested with a sliver of soul from their Mother Goddess, The Grey One. She, and she alone, can bend time and space, returning them to their lost planet, the only thing that can make them whole.

Lara Folley thinks she is an ordinary, average twenty-two year old girl until she meets mysterious university professor, Rohan Elarial, and the dreams and nightmares of her childhood start all over again. Dreams that would suggest she has lived past lives; nightmares that would suggest those past lives did not end well. Then those past lives begin to speak to her through more than her dreams: they begin to take control of her life. Confused and frightened by the power inside her that almost kills her best friend, she doesn’t know if she can trust herself, let alone Rohan, who says he knows what is going on and only wants to help.

Rohan Elarial, a prince of the Elves of Eldara, has searched through time for the Prophecy Girl. Twice before he has found her. Twice before he denied the love that grew between them because of his belief in his mission. Twice before his denials caused her death. Now, Rohan must find her before The Master, an evil sorcerer touched by the Dark God, finds her first and uses her powers for his own gains. Lara, the third incarnation, is his last chance and the most precarious of all. The Master is close and the Eldarans’ magic is failing. If he cannot bring Lara to an awareness of who she is, hiding from her the truth of his past mistakes and betrayals, and make her trust him completely this time, all will be lost.

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