Blood-Rites Series (proposed 4 book series)

Seer’s Blood: Book 1 of the Blood-Rites Series

When blind Ardenne Bartolli stops an attacking vampire on the train to Florence, she not only realises she is a witch – something she’s been brought up to believe is evil – she realises she can use her magical powers to see. Unable to ignore the power of this gift, Ardenne trains in secret with The Coven, a powerful group of witches dedicated to wiping The Wild and Dark Brethren, evil vampire cults, from the face of the earth. She dreams that one day, if only she could gain true sight, she could stand at the side of her benevolent vampire guardian, Gabriel, the man she secretly loves, and be a match for his powers and worthy of his respect and love.

Gabriel is an eight hundred year old vampire, and has been bonded to Ardenne since her birth to protect her from those who would seek to use her and her powers and to hide the truth of her birth. As she turns into the fierce fighter and passionately beautiful woman of his dreams, he realises he loves her more than a cursed vampire ever should and can no longer fight those feelings. However, he fears she will never forgive him if she discovers the lies he’s told her about who she is. She must never learn about her heritage or the prophecy that states if she gains true sight she will be the harbinger that could bring death to them all.

Son’s Blood: Book 2 of the Blood-Rites Series

Ardenne has gained her sight, but the magic in her birth mother’s blood, the insane vampire-witch, Anita Middleton, doesn’t last. To gain true sight, Ardenne must track down an ancient being, The Fourth, rumoured to be the Mother of All Witches. A being who has the power to destroy all vampires, including Ardenne’s lover, Gabriel. Ardenne refuses to go, but Anita holds Gabriel captive, threatening to kill him. Ardenne has no choice but to go.

She is not the only one seeking The Fourth. The Kings of The Wild and Dark Brethren have captured psychic, Samuel, a young man linked to Ardenne through prophecy and visions. They seek to follow Ardenne with his talents and make her lead them to their ‘sister’ and use her powers to gain supremacy over the Earth.

Samuel has no memory of his past or who he is. All he has are memories of beautiful, strong-willed Ardenne, and his betrayal of her, over and over as he is forced to tell Trey, King of The Wild, her whereabouts. But Samuel discovers a power none of them realise he has. He can reach Ardenne’s vampire lover, Gabriel, through The Grey. Aware that Samuel loves Ardenne, Gabriel reluctantly works with him to try to stop Ardenne from reaching The Fourth and save her from those who would seek to use her for their own ends.

However, Ardenne discovers secrets that have been long buried, secrets that make her believe the prophecy is a lie and the one who is most in danger is Samuel. But saving Samuel could cost her a life with Gabriel. She once thought sight would return her to her lover, but what good is her sight if she loses her soul?

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