Want to see the next Gods Cursed Novel before anyone else?

If you love the Gods Cursed Series and can’t wait to see what happens to Trip and Ilia after the events at Christmas (featured in A Perfectly Paranormal Christmas), then very soon, you won’t have to wait any longer.

I am launching a new subscription service on Ream next week!

Ream is a subscription service created by authors for authors and readers – so the reading experience on this service is sooo much better than like services (like Patreon) because it’s designed to read books on.

I will be serialising exclusive early access to my new hot enemies to lovers, fated mates, witch-and-vampire-licious urban fantasy romance novel, The Blood of the Seer there. People on my newsletter have already got the first few chapters and are LOVING IT! And you will be able to get your hands on what they’ve seen just be following me on Ream.

But if you want early exclusive access to it AND to Fates Cursed: Gods Cursed Series Book 5, then you can sign up to one of my subscription tiers and for as little as $5 per month, start losing yourself in stories that are unavailable elsewhere.

Super cool – right?

That’s not the only cool thing. As well as getting exclusive early access, you can be part of creating the stories you love PLUS get access to all sorts of other goodies including seeing other WIPs before anyone else, bonus content, voting rights, signed books and more.

More details next week – stay tuned!

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