The Devil Inside is Out Now!

I missed writing a release day post about The Devil Inside last week because I’ve had a few weeks of horrible migraines that have finally let up – so, now I get to shout out to the world about the 2nd book in my rockstar-romantic suspense Storm Haven Series.

I so love Mel and Phil’s story, and hope you do too.

You can get the ebook now at all online retailers.

If you love your Rockstar romances AND small town thrillers, then this is the book you’ve been waiting for!

Dark secrets. A mysterious past. And an unforgettable passion.

After months in a coma, music promoter Melissa Linklater wakes up to a world she doesn’t remember. She’s shocked to discover she’s married – to Phil Paris, the intensely handsome drummer of world-famous band The Sidhe – and has a baby daughter. She has lost the memory of the last eight years of her life. Phil, their baby and his bandmates are all strangers.

Phil is devastated that Mel can’t remember her years with him. He needs her to remember – because he is nothing without his wife. Fame and wealth, even his music, no longer bring him joy. The only things that matter are Mel and their baby. He throws all he is into helping Mel remember, but instead of recovering memories of them, she starts to remember a secret past and a web of lies that threatens to destroy everything she knew about herself.

Someone else is also after those secrets. As her mysterious stalker escalates from anonymous phone calls to break-ins and physical threats, the police and her doctors don’t believe her – but Phil does. While she still can’t remember anything about her life with him, she does feel things for him – passionate, needful things that make her want to trust him with her darkest secrets. Will sharing those secrets make them closer or bring more danger to their door?

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