Soul Bound Release Celebration Giveaway

I’m so excited for the upcoming release of Soul Bound, that I wanted to do something super special. So, I’m running a little giveaway for my newsletter subscribers. Sign up to my newsletter before 27th September 2022 you can go into the draw to win signed copies of Pack Bound, Moon Bound, Shifter Bound, Wolf Bound and Witch Bound. There will be 2 packs up for grabs. … Read More

Pre-order Soul Bound for $1.99

I am so excited for this book to go out in the world. When I wrote Soul Bound, I thought it was going to be a 1 off prequel to explain some of the history that’s mentioned in the Pack Bound Series. But as I wrote it, the world became even richer in my head and some fascinating characters popped … Read More

Soul Bound Cover Reveal

I am so excited to be revealing the cover for Soul Bound. Don’t you love it? My cover designer, Samantha Marshall, has done an amazing job once again. Here’s what it’s all about: Soul Bound: Dawn of the Curse Book 1 Can soulmates survive a darkness threatening to tear them apart? The Darkness is banished and a new era has … Read More

Wolf Bound Release Day + Sale

I can’t believe it but it’s finally here: Wolf Bound’s Release Day (cue cheers and streamers and fireworks sparkles) I know readers have been hanging out for Adam and Shelley’s story and it gives me so much pleasure to finally bring it to you. I feel like I’ve been through the ringer with them to get to this point, but … Read More

Wolf Bound Pre-Order Sale + Pack Bound is FREE!

Wolf Bound is due out in just over a week – I can’t believe it’s almost here. I’m so excited for you to get Adam and Shelley’s stories in your hands – you’re going to love it. I can promise it’s action-packed and super romantic – and hot! But don’t take my word, this is what early reviewers are saying: … Read More

Wolf Bound Cover Reveal

Today I am celebrating because I have the cover of the upcoming Wolf Bound: Pack Bound Series Book 4 to share with you – and it is glorious. I said to my cover designer that I wanted magic and wings and a cemetery vibe without being too dark and a hot and ghostly guy as well as the sexy-kick-arse woman and the black … Read More

Shifter Bound Release Day + Release Week Deals

Can you hear that high-pitched sound? That’s me whooping with excitement because it’s Shifter Bound’s Release Day today!! I can’t believe it. There is excitement and nervousness and a whole bunch of ‘how did this come around so fast?’ going on. As you know, it’s been quite the effort to get to this point, what with my accident, hospital stay … Read More

1 Week to Go until Shifter Bound is Released

Shifter Bound will be out in 1 week – I can’t believe it’s almost here. It’s been a real journey through injury (car accident and broken bones) and Covid to get it to this point, but I am almost there. Here’s a little about the book: Shifter Bound A spy, a lone wolf, a desperate choice… Lone Wolf, Iain McShane, … Read More

Shifter Bound Cover Reveal

I am so excited to share the cover of Shifter Bound: Pack Bound Series Book 3 with you. This one is hot! I always said that if I could have a sexy man/wolf combo on any cover, it would be this one, because Eloise, the heroine of Shifter Bound, is also a shifter, so she could be the important wolf-element on the cover rather … Read More

Get Pack Bound for Free and Moon Bound for 99c!

Due to the snaffoo with the pre-orders on Amazon for Moon Bound (they were cancelled if you haven’t read my previous post due to a glitch, and the entire book was taken down), to give it the love it and River and Bron are due, I’m continuing to offer it for sale at 99c, so as to insure everyone who’d … Read More