Naming Need You Tonight

What’s in a name? Apparently heaps. Years ago,  when I was a swimming teacher, a fellow teacher commented that, because of multiple negative experiences with boys called Jackson and girls called Brittany, she couldn’t help but think ‘God no!’ when she got a kid called Jackson or Brittany in her class. Now, I don’t think these kids’ behaviour had anything … Read More


I’m so excited for Need You Tonight to finally be out in the world – it seems like it’s taken an age to get it to you. I’ve heard from some reviewers as they are reading it and they’re loving it, which is so wonderful to hear. This novel was a true heart song for me. Writing it was a … Read More

Cover Reveal For Need You Tonight

I can’t believe this all happened so quickly! My agent says this is absolutely her favourite series that I’ve written to date – and given she’s one of the best agents in Australia, I have to take her word for it. For myself, I love all my book babies, but the characters in this one hold a very special place … Read More