Remembering Helen

Today marks the 3rd year anniversary since my beloved friend, Helen Mardi Petrou, passed away in 2018 after a long battle against multiple cancers across her life. She’d fought on and off for almost thirty years – pretty much the length of time we were best friends – but the bastard cancer finally got her. Before she passed, she asked … Read More

Remembering Helen on her 51st Birthday

Yesterday, the 5th of May 2021, was Helen Mardi Petrou’s 51st birthday – my bestie of almost 30 years. It is three years since her 48th birthday bash – the last one she got to have. At that stage, we thought she might make her 49th, but it wasn’t to be. The 12-18 months the doctors gave her quickly dwindled … Read More

A tribute to my Helen

Today marks the last of the firsts. The year after someone you love dies is full of firsts and I have been through them all except this one – the day my best friend of 30 years, Helen Mardi Petrou, passed away, taken by that arsehole cancer. It’s a sad day, because she, like so many others, was taken way … Read More