Saying Goodbye to Doctor Who

I am very sad. It’s a sadness I’ve experienced many times before. It’s a sadness tinged with happy memories and anxiousness about the future. It’s a ‘Doctor Who has changed’ sadness. As a child, I remember the horror of watching Jon Pertwee fall to the floor, dying. I cried, not willing to let my lovely first Doctor Who go. Then, … Read More

It’s beginning to look a lot like…Christmas Movies

I have to say right off the bat that I’m sorry I went MIA for a couple of weeks. Life smacked me up the side of the head with a number of unexpected things all at once and there was no time to do things such as write about my love of Dr Who, Marvel characters or Star Trek (all … Read More

Embrace what you love.

A writer I know, M.J Scott, had a wonderful rant yesterday about people who tell you what you should love and that what you do love is wrong – it was really quite special, you should check it out Anyway, the gist of this rant was that people should be allowed to love what they love and not be … Read More