Soul Cursed Release Day

It’s all about Soul Cursed today. It’s always nerve-wracking sending a book baby out into the world all on its lonesome, wondering how it’s going to do, whether people are going to love it as much as I do.

Tamuel and Korinna’s love story is centuries in the making and well-worth the ride. Thankfully I’m not the only one who thinks so. There’s been some amazing early reviews coming in:

“Soul Cursed by Leisl Leighton is a good, and enjoyable fated mates enemies to lovers paranormal romance read. The story has a great entertaining story line. The characters are great, and they have great chemistry.” Kim W – Goodreads and BookBub Reviewer

“This story is another success by Leisl. The writing is heartfelt and sorrowful, which fits the characters perfectly. There is so much description in a few words that really sucks you into the story. Be aware that it is a two-parter but it doesn’t end on a cliff-hanger.” A Schofield – Goodreads, BookBub and BookSprout Reviewer

“This is the second book in the Gods Cursed series and will keep you hooked from beginning to end.” N Parker – Amazon, Goodreads and BookSprout Reviewer

“It’s an action-packed story with a cast of strong characters and an intriguing story line. I’m looking forward to the next book.” Brenda Moser – Goodreads Reviewer

“Don’t miss [Tamuel and Korinna’s] amazing adventure to see if they can achieve their goals and perhaps fall back in love again.” Emily Pennington – Amazon, Goodreads and BookSprout Reviewer

To celebrate Soul Cursed’s release, I’m putting it on sale for .99c (USD) for all of release week. Don’t miss out on getting your copy now for this special price.

Get your copy now for only 99c (USD) or Free in KU! 

A soul cursed, a love discovered, an evil unbound …

Immortal witch Korinna Soteira has spent almost 2,000 years trying to save the souls lost when she failed to stop Mt Vesuvius from exploding. Except, what she needs is a spell and a magical gem, both forgotten in time.

When Tamuel, the betraying cupid she once loved, turns up in the Underworld with the very items she needs to set things right, she thinks the Fates are having a good laugh. Especially given he’s on a quest to win his mother and father their happy ever after – something he’s been cursed never to have for himself. But she won’t let the meddling Fates get the best of her. She can work with the annoyingly attractive cupid if she has to.

However, the Fates aren’t finished playing with Korinna and Tamuel, and if they are to complete their quests, they must face up to one of the most dangerous witches of all time – a witch who will play their fears against them and make them sacrifice everything, even their love.

If you love stories with magic, beta heroes, witches, second chance romance, curses and meddling gods and goddesses all wrapped up with a sexy HEA, then Soul Cursed is the story for you.

Available exclusively on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.


I’ve also decided to keep the first in the series, Love Cursed, on sale for only 99c (USD) too so you can pick up the first two books in this series for under $2 – don’t miss out.

Also available FREE in KU.

A love across time, cursed to stay apart …

Coven librarian, Juliana Stevens, jokes about being cursed. Cursed to fail at love, cursed to fail her family, cursed to fail at being a witch. But after finding an old diary that speaks of gods and witches and an ancient love curse, she starts to realise it isn’t a joke: she truly is cursed.

Even worse, if she does not go to Rome, uncover a secret spell, and be in the exact spot the curse was bound by midnight on Valentine’s Day, her soul will continue to be cursed forever. Oh, and she has to do it all with her soul mate who was cursed to never reveal himself to her, too.

Valentines Day is supposed to celebrate Happy Ever After, but if Jules can’t manage to access her magic and find the man she’s been kept from for thousands of years, it’s going to be Happy Never After forever more.
“Another must-have on your reading list.” DD Line – Goodreads

“A beautiful love story.” Linda Tonis – Paranormal Romance Review

“Leighton is a master at constructing great characters, exciting stories with complex yet completely believable twists, and building paranormal worlds that you can’t help but want to dive into time and time again.” Lora Inak – Author of Unspoken Rules

If you love stories with magic, beta heroes, witches, fated mates, curses and meddling gods and goddesses all wrapped up with a sexy HEA, then Love Cursed is the story for you. Discover the magic of the Gods Cursed Series and magic up your copy today.

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