Slimefest B’day Weekend for my Son

I’m back from my Slimefest weekend with my boys, my sister and her son for my youngest one’s 8th b’day. He loves Big Time Rush – the Nickelodeon show that’s like a modern day The Monkeys; lots of fun and cute boys and girls, silliness and good, catchy tunes. BTRI actually enjoy watching them with the boys and they were really good at Slimefest – although, it would have been great if they’d done more than 3 songs given they were the headliners with Guy Sebastien (who was great too, and only did 3 songs.) There were heaps of other acts as well and the MC’s, Luke and Wyatt were suitably loud and silly and fun. My sons had a fabulous time, although I have to say, kids make the strangest audience, as most of them just sit there like stunned mullets watching and have to be asked to call out, wave and clap. They just don’t seem to spontaneously do it. My youngest one actually leaned over and pushed my hands back into my lap when I was clapping to one of the songs because nobody else around us was clapping! How funny is that? We also weren’t in an area that got slimed. For a thing called ‘Slimefest’ it seemed only about 1/4 of the audience got slimed – a little disappointing for my boys. I thought there might be a booth outside that they could get slimed at, but there wasn’t. We did pass a girl who was covered in it, however, and she very kindly said it was okay, when I asked, for the b’day boy to rub some of the slime from her arm and put it on himself. That made him happy! She was very nice to share in her slime.

It was a mad weekend. We drove to Sydney on Thursday – it took us 9.5 hours and the boys were pretty good – then went out to dinner with extended family Thursday night. Slimefest was on Friday, (check out some of the videos of Slimefest itself here if you’re interested: ), then we went back to my cousin’s house so the boys could have a swim then I cooked dinner for my aunt and uncle and cousins on Friday night. We caught up with a family friend on Saturday morning and then went to Luna Park with the boys and my cousin and aunt on Saturday afternoon and didn’t get back to my aunt’s until 7:30pm. On Sunday we had a quiet morning, but then had lunch at my cousin’s house so the kids could have a swim and spend time with their second cousins who were visiting from QLD. Then the drive back today (which was touch and go given my sister caught a tummy bug yesterday and spent most of the night driving the porcelain bus!)

Luna ParkGoing to Luna Park was tiring, but it made me feel like a kid – the noise of the rides and the screams, the main street shows, the smell of greasy food and fairy floss, all took me back to when we were kids and visited as a treat when we were up in Sydney to spend Christmas with the extended family.

Not much has changed about it since I was last there over 25 years ago, except the Big Dipper is gone (removed because of noise complaints by loca residents my aunt told me 🙁 ) and the ghost train I always loved burned down quite a few years ago. Rides have been upgraded – so there were some new ones, or new versions of old ones – but Coney Island was very much the same as was the Mad Mouse – so much fun – although it’s sad it’s the only rollercoaster there anymore.

I love rollercoasters.

We did a bunch of other fun rides and of course, the slides in Coney Island – which really brought back memories of when I was a kid. I giggled so hard all the way down. I think I actually said ‘weee!’ as I raced my oldest down the big slide. The entire day made me feel like a kid again. I love rides. They make me feel all giddy and giggly and I’m so glad my boys (especially the youngest one) enjoys them with me. I’m teaching them the joy of yelling and ‘yahooing’ during the ride to let out the adrenaline so it’s all fun. We laughed a lot.

That was until the youngest one (b’day boy) insisted on going into Hollywood Horrors and got so scared by it he wouldn’t go on any rides for an hour after – he was all pale and shakey. Hollywood HorrorsI thought it was going to be a normal ghost house – a bit silly with a few scares – but it was really scary for a lot of adults, let alone the kids. After seeing The Conjuring last week, I feel a little numbed to that kind of thing, but it really should have come with a warning for kids under a certain age. Many kids ran screaming from the exits – all of them were girls, so my b’day boy did the tough boy thing and insisted he would be fine because he ‘wasnt’ a girl’. He was fine most of the way through, but the Texas Chainsaw Masacre guy was in the last room and chased us with a prop chainsaw that was really loud and despite all the freaky things we’d seen beforehand, this really got to him and he yelped and ran from the room outside, dragging me behind him.

Despite the fact he said he knew it was all pretend and the guy was an actor, I had to go to bed with him at night because, despite the fact we were staying with my aunt and uncle and he knows their house well, he was still a little scared. I felt like a bad mum, even though he slept fine and didn’t have any nightmares that night or last night and is fine today and is talking about it in that excited ‘I survived a big fright because I’m so tough’ little boy voice. But, he is so stubborn and there is just no talking him out of things sometimes. He has always been a learn by doing kind of kid. However, if I’d known it was that scary (there were no warnings as to what it actually was, and we all thought it was just a regular kind of ghost house, which he’s been through before and enjoyed), I wouldn’t have let him go in, despite all the whinging.

After a few goes on the slides, a few games and a lovely, scenic, relaxing ride on the ferris wheel, he was over it though and ready for a last ride on the Mad Mouse, an icecream and the ferry ride then train home. It was a super long day (we caught the train at 8:30 in the morning to meet our family friend for a catch up in the park near Luna Park and didn’t get home until 7:30pm) but fun was had by all (despite the scare!)

It was an exhausting weekend but completely brilliant, and the boys didn’t kill eachother on the drive up or down (and added bonus – we didn’t have to kill them either: they were pretty good.)
All exhausted now and glad to be home – less glad I have to get up early tomorrow to go to work early, though 🙁

Hoping for an early night tonight.

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  1. Wow, that sounds exhausting! Glad no-one had to be killed during the trip!

    I used to love Luna Park – Coney Island (love those slides!) and the pirate ship were my favourites. That horror house sounds horrible though 🙁

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