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I was thrilled earlier this year to be contacted by Sisters in Crime and asked to participate in their Burning Issues panel alongside crime fiction author, Kimberley Starr, non-fiction author, Chloe Hooper and crime writer and our panel mediator, Maggie Baron. Then I was equally dismayed when we were all thrust into social distancing and events were cancelled, a tumbling of dominoes from biggest to smallest and this event was cancelled too.

‘Of course it should have been cancelled,’ I kept telling myself. ‘We all need to do our part to keep our vulnerable safe and our medical system from being overwhelmed.’ But it still hurt, as I know such cancellations hurt for so many people.

A bright light in the dark

Then, as happened for so many cancelled events, the wonderful volunteers at Sisters in Crime decided to use the technology at hand and hold an online version. I was so excited – yes, we would miss the audience and the reaction and energy you get from them in any live situation, but the other writers on the panel and me would still be able to discuss a subject dear to our hearts – writing and our latest books whose themes delved into the pervading threat and personal impact of bush fires in Australian lives.

The panel was recorded via Zoom on Friday last week and was put up on YouTube on Sunday, with a request for donations to bush fire charities in lieu of an event fee.

Sisters in Crime: Burning Issues Panel from YouTube

Because there wasn’t a question time, let me know if you have any questions about our discussion in the comments and I will answer them.

I hope you enjoy.

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