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The Devil Inside: Storm Haven Series Book 2

Rockstar romance meets small town thriller.

Dark secrets. A mysterious past. And an unforgettable passion ...

After months in a coma, music promoter Melissa Linklater wakes up to a world she doesn’t remember. She’s shocked to discover she’s married – to Phil Paris, the intensely handsome drummer of world-famous band The Sidhe – and has a baby daughter. She has lost the memory of the last eight years of her life. Phil, their baby and his bandmates are all strangers.

Phil is devastated that Mel can't remember her years with him. He needs her to remember – because he is nothing without his wife. Fame and wealth, even his music, no longer bring him joy. The only things that matter are Mel and their baby. He throws all he is into helping Mel remember, but instead of recovering memories of them, she starts to remember a secret past and a web of lies that threatens to destroy everything she knew about herself.

Someone else is also after those secrets. As her mysterious stalker escalates from anonymous phone calls to break-ins and physical threats, the police and her doctors don’t believe her – but Phil does. While she still can’t remember anything about her life with him, she does feel things for him – passionate, needful things that make her want to trust him with her darkest secrets. Will sharing those secrets make them closer or bring more danger to their door?

Due out 1st November 2023 - Pre-order now!

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Need You Tonight: Storm Haven Series Book 1

Rockstar romance meets small town thriller.

Not even fame will protect him from her violent past...

Reclusive music producer, Lexi Deningham, has worked hard to escape a violent past, building her reputation so world famous rock stars come to her at her isolated recording studio in the Victorian High Country. That includes the wildly talented Daemon Flagherty who has just arrived to discuss his band’s next album. After a messy divorce, all Daemon wants is to focus on his music, even if that means going to the end of the world to work with the best, albeit mysterious, music producer there is.

When Lexi gets a call from her twin sister’s secure mental health hospital telling her Cat has been attacked, Lexi has no choice but to bring her twin home. Lexi isn’t ready to deal with both Cat and Daemon at the same time but if she wants to work with Daemon – and she does, desperately – she has no choice.

Romance should be the last thing on their minds, but it seems that neither Lexi nor Daemon can ignore the passion between them. Until the threat from Lexi’s past comes crashing into the present, determined to make her pay and with no care for who might get in the way. Lexi is used to going it alone, but will she realise she needs help before it’s too late?

“Kept me on the edge of my seat until the end. What a brilliantly written story and exciting plot … This was one of my best reads so far this year.”  Comfy Couch Book Reviews

“I loved this book it was The perfect combination of romance and thriller , I started late last night and finished tonight . It was so good I couldn’t stop reading it.”  Sydney - Goodreads Reviewer

“This is a fast-paced action packed romantic suspense with fabulous characters and a beautiful setting.” Helen Sibbritt – Goodreads and Amazon Reviewer

“Intense and jam packed with thrills!” Alli – Goodreads Reviewer

“A perfect balance of romance and thriller.” Paton Box – Goodreads Reviewer

If you love rockstar romance, small-town thrillers, heart-of-gold yet feisty heroines, tortured heroes, long-held secrets and dark pasts, all melded together with hot, sexy romance, then Need You Tonight is the story for you.

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Blazing Fear (CoalCliff Stud, #2)

Set against the stirring Victorian Alps, comes  the 2nd novel in the award nominated CoalCliff Stud Series from a talented new voice in Australian rural fiction. Perfect for readers of Sarah Barrie and Nora Roberts.

Fire stole his past - now it is threatening to burn everything, and everyone, he loves. All over again ...

Flynn Findlay likes everyone to think he's in control, but the death of his wife during the bushfires six years ago changed everything. Now, even though it feels like a betrayal, Flynn can't seem to escape his growing feelings for the beautiful new doctor in town. He's never felt as truly alive as when he is with Prita - even his fear of fire doesn't seem as bad.

Dr Prita Brennan is ready for a fresh start in Wilson's Bend with her adoptive son, far from her overprotective family. It would be perfect, except some of the locals don't like the changes she's making to the practice. One of them is even making harassing calls. The handsome local horse stud owner, Flynn, is a further complication she doesn't need right now.

But when harassment escalates to arson, to save the horse stud and their children, Flynn and Prita must work together to figure out who is after her - and why they are trying to burn to the ground everything she touches.

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Climbing Fear (CoalCliff Stud, #1)

Set against the stirring Victorian Alps, comes a suspenseful novel of recovery and new beginnings from a talented new voice in Australian rural fiction. Perfect for readers of Sarah Barrie and Nora Roberts.

His beloved home is under threat, and with it the beautiful, haunted woman he's never been able to forget ...

X-Treme TV sports star Reid Stratton has everything - until his best friend falls to his death on a climb while shooting their show. In the fierce media fallout, Reid begins to question everything about himself. Crippled by a new fear of climbing, Reid returns to CoalCliff stud, his family's horse farm, to recover.

Single mother Natalia Robinson is determined to start afresh, away from the shadow of her past. A job at CoalCliff Stud where she lived as a child is the perfect opportunity to live the quiet life she always wanted. But she is unprepared to see Reid, and is even more unprepared for the passion that still burns between them.

But after a series of menacing events threaten the new home she is trying to build, Nat realises that Reid is the only person she can rely on to keep her and her daughter safe. Together, Reid and Nat must face the pasts that haunt them if they are to survive the present and forge a future of hope.

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Dangerous Echoes (Echo Springs, #1)

Blue lights in the red dust...

Echo Springs on the edge of the outback – a town where everyone knows your name, and your business. But the wholesome country living and welcoming community aren't what they used to be. Echo Springs has a dark underbelly, and it is seeping ever outward.

Brilliant forensic pathologist, Erika Hanson, fled from Echo Springs as a teenager, leaving behind a past of tragedy and pain. But when local police announce they've found her beloved brother's body in a meth lab explosion, she knows she must return to clear Peter's name and find out what really happened. Because Peter would never get involved with the drug tag sweeping across the small town of Australia and destroying lives.

Hartley Cooper has a past with Erika Hanson, but that's not going to keep him from doing his job. He's seen what grief can do, and denial is only the first step. But Erika is convinced that Peter can't be involved, and her meticulous, professional skills start to convince Hartley as well. When Erika's digging and questions get too personal, the town turns against them, Hartley knows Erika might run again. But this time he's ready. And he's not going to let her go.

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