Release Day – Shifter Bound: Pack Bound Series Book 3

Shifter bound is released today, so it is with great excitement that I tell you about this book on the day it is released out into the world.

This was the book that caught me by surprise. When I began to write the Pack Bound series, it was the idea of a 3 book series about 3 friends, Skye, Bronwyn and Shelley, and their discovery of the world of Werewolf Packs and the Witch Covens who are bound to them and how they come to terms with their role in this exciting and dangerous world and the Werewolf shifters they would become bound to – Jason, River and Adam.

All through writing Pack Bound (book 1 – Skye and Jason’s story) I was certain it was 3 books and as I started into writing Moon Bound (book 2 – Bron and River’s story), I still felt the same way. But by the time I was half way through writing Moon Bound, I realised that there was a character that had appeared who was intriguing me more than a secondary character should, and a whole world of backstory was making itself known to me and begging to be told. Not only that, one of the secondary characters who belonged to the Were Wolf Pack was starting to look like definite hero material with a story of his own to be told. By the time I had finished writing Moon Bound, I knew these two characters, Eloise and Iain, were meant for each other and that their stories were part of the over-arching mystery that was unfolding in the telling of Pack McVale, their Coven and the Darkness that was threatening them all. Not only that, in telling their story, it would increase the tension and intrigue and bring so much more to the final book in the series, Wolf Bound (book 4 – Shelley and Adam’s story).

So, Shifter Bound was born and it was a joy to write from start to finish. Eloise is a character with so much heart and love to give, but who knows so little about who she is, where she comes from, and what she is capable of and has no idea of the astonishing road of discovery ahead of her or the strength she holds within. Iain likewise has a damaged past and a definite way of viewing himself and his role in the world he lives in – and all this is challenged when Eloise enters into that world, bringing aching beauty and opening up the terrifying fragility in his heart that he has spent so long building a wall against. Together they must face dangers and personal challenges if they are to succeed against the Darkness that seeks to destroy all they’ve come to hold dear. I love these two characters and the story they told me and the extra depth they bring to my series of now 4 books, and I hope you come to love them too.

Shifter Bound: A spy, a lone wolf, a desperate choice…

Five hundred years ago, facing extinction, a group of powerful witches united to create a pact with the Were to save witch-kind. The pact expelled an ancient evil, known only as The Darkness, that was blocking the Were from their wolves. With the Darkness destroyed, the Packs and their Covens grew strong as they thrived beside each other in their brand new world.

But the Darkness was not destroyed.

Shifter-Witch, Eloise O’Brien, has betrayed her Coven and almost killed her brother to save the Were Pack she’d infiltrated as a spy. Now living with the Were she once feared and hated, she learns the truth of who she really is – the prophesied Nexus. A witch of unspeakable power, she must make a choice between the light and the dark, between Iain McShane, the Lone Wolf she is coming to love, and her once beloved brother and Coven who are now working for The Darkness.

You can buy Shifter Bound at the following ebook stores:

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And if you’ve not read the other’s in the series and want to start from the beginning, you can buy Pack Bound: Pack Bound Series Book 1 at:

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You can buy Moon Bound: Pack Bound Series Book 2 at:

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And you can pre-order your copy of Wolf Bound: Pack Bound Series Book 4 (due out on the 20th May 2018) at:

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Don’t miss out on reading this amazing new series – but don’t take my word for it, here are what readers are saying about the Pack Bound Series:

Wow! I have found a new author to read! Leisl Leighton has created a world full of intrigue and captivating characters that draw you into the story and hold readers hostage until the very end. I was certainly spellbound throughout. Eva Millien – Stormy Vixen Reviews

A great read full of interesting and well rounded characters. I’m not normally a paranormal reader. Or indeed a romance reader. But this was a compelling read in a thoroughly believable hidden world with interesting and attractive male protagonists. I look forward to more from this author. Elizabeth Jane Corbett – award winning author of The Tides Between

I was hooked! I love all the characters, not just the main ones. I hate the bad guys and am [very] intrigued by the plot line. I read nonstop because I had to know what exactly happened in her past. The further along I get in this story, the more I love it! Cyn – Goodreads

Love this book! Awesome world the author has created and I love her writing style. Looking forward to the story continuing in book 2. Marnie St.Clair – author of ‘No Place Like You’, ‘Deal Breaker’ and ‘Blue Steel’

Leisl Leighton is an awesome story teller. This whole series so far has me wanting to keep finding out more about other characters and read her other books. Jessica – Goodreads

A fabulous storyline, with exciting characters and an intensity that leads the reader to want so much more.
I’m absolutely looking forward to the next book in this wonderful series. 
Karen Roma – Goodreads

This world is exciting for me because it is set in Australia, and it is interesting that Witches and Weres are bound together to survive.  I found the premise very cool…I recommend to all shifter and witch fans because this is an intriguing story with tons going on and a new spin that you will love!  I can’t wait for the next book! Cassandra Loskot – Cassandra Lost In Books Blog/Book Reviews 

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