Release Day for Fantasy Realms: Warlords, Witches & Wolves Anthology


Fantasy Realms Anthology: Warlords, Witches & Wolves is released today into the big wide world.

To celebrate release week, we are keeping the price at the special pre-order price of 99c for release week only. After this, the price will go up.

So get in now and buy your copy of this amazing anthology.

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It seems only yesterday when Daniel deLorne asked me in January this year if I’d like to write a novella for a paranormal and fantasy anthology that Lana Pecherczyk and Michelle Diener were putting together with an amazing array of Australian authors.

I had to say yes. To be included in an anthology with some of my favourite authors was too good an opportunity to pass up. I knew immediately that I wanted to write a prequel novella to the Pack Bound Series about Skye and River’s parents, Paul and Ivy – they had always deserved their own story.

It was amazing to dip back into that world and flesh out characters I had mentioned but hadn’t got into the heads of before and it’s so wonderful their story is finally out in the world.

Warlord, Witch, or Wolf: what’s your poison?

Whatever your fantasy, dive into 11 original stories from bestselling and new Australian authors for a limited time only.

Featuring rousing action, sizzling or sweet romance, and journeys to far-off lands, the heroes and heroines of Warlords, Witches and Wolves will keep you on the edge of your seat and conjure your darkest desires.

What are you waiting for?

Unleash the beasts, summon the magic, and conquer new worlds today!

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Fantasy Realms: Warlords, Witches & Wolves

The Rising Wave by Michelle Diener

Ava’s plan to escape from the fortress her cousin has imprisoned her in is ruined when a new prisoner is thrown into her cell. But the warlord tossed in with her is difficult to ignore—and leave behind. What’s a princess to do but save the day? Even if her secrets are magical, and his are all too close to treasonous.

Of Kisses & Wishes by Lana Pecherczyk

Two things Anise wishes for: the kisses of an unrequited love; and to find the elusive Ice-Witch who promises to give Anise her hearts desire—the ability to shift. When her best-friend, and ruthless Fae Guardian, Caraway joins Anise on her quest, secrets and desires are revealed. But have they been revealed too late? No one walks away from the evil Ice-Witch with their soul in tact. If Caraway can’t stop Anise from making the biggest mistake of her life, they both might pay the price.

The Heart and Soul of Ragnar the Red by Daniel de Lorne

Imprisoned in a remote jail cell, Ragnar the Red has thirty days to escape before his captor takes his final revenge. Ragnar seduces his enemy in an attempt to seize his secret magic for his own ambition. If he succeeds, kings will tremble at his name and nations will fall…but at what cost to his heart and soul?

The Daughter’s Duty by Claire Boston

Shuree has always been the perfect daughter, obeying and supporting her father, even when she doesn’t agree with him. So when he is massacred in an ill-fated raid, she must step up to lead her people. But will others accept the peace she knows they so desperately need?

Wolf Blood by Shona Husk

Macey Stenning drew the genetic short straw. She’s not a werewolf, but something lesser. A vampire. And relationships between vampires and werewolves are forbidden. But when Owen wants to be more than friends she can’t resist, soon she is swept up in his plans. If he fails, they will both be outcast.

Courting the Witch by MJ Scott

Desire or duty…which will woo a witch?

Jean-Paul du Laq knows Imogene Carvelle wants a glittering career as an Imperial Mage and isn’t inclined to marry. She’s absolutely not the kind of girl the son of a duq should consider for anything more than a dalliance but to Jean-Paul, Imogene shines brighter than the sun, and he’s determined to win her heart…

Witch Bound by Leisl Leighton

One fate, one mate, a bond too strong to deny …

Pack Warlock, Paul Collins, is desperate to change the fate of his soulmate, Werewoman Ivy McVale, but messing with fate only makes things worse. Now the Were he loves hates him and the Pack is in danger and the only person who can help him fix it is Ivy.

The Soldier’s Familiar by TJ Nichols

One night of fun becomes more trouble than snow leopard shifter Bailey can deal with when he kisses the witch who is his fated mate. Bailey is forced to choose between love and family loyalty.

Salvation by Cassie Laelyn

Forced to return to Woodland Falls, a childhood reunion turns deadly when Mia stumbles into the town’s sexy bartender and discovers his secret. Now she’s fighting between her heart and an ancient curse that threatens the whole shifter community.

The Shadowed Moon by SE Welsh

Leaving home is never easy but for single mum Tabitha, Carnarben is no longer a safe haven. Plagued by memories and smothered by well-meaning meddlers, the witch knows it’s time to start afresh—and where could be safer than Echo, home of the largest werewolf pack in Australia and its sexy Alpha? But a blown secret and a shadow from her past threaten to ruin her new beginning.

Curse: Rose Red Retold by Demelza Carlton

A cursed prince. An aspiring assassin. No good deed goes unpunished…

Crown Prince Boris’s life was perfect – a wife, a child and his father’s favour for a job well done. Until his brother’s traitorous plot steals everything from him, forcing him to run for his life for fear of losing what little he has left.

Rossa wants nothing but to follow in her father’s assassin footsteps. Whether it takes magic or a blade, she can handle anything. Until she discovers she can’t bear to take a life. Together, can a failed assassin and a cursed prince save the kingdom?

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