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DarkMoon_coverToday is the day I’ve slaved so hard for – the release day of Dark Moon. Big thanks go to so many people (family, friends, writing groups and critique partners) but especially on this day to my editors at Penguin’s Destiny Romance and my agent, Alex Adsett, who took a chance on it and me and saw something special.

I am so proud of this book because it was the start in a new chapter of my writing. With great trepidation I took it to my writer’s meeting and sent the first few chapters off to competitions in the US hoping to get some decent feedback – but I got far more than that. It immediately struck a chord with judges and with my writing group and it encouraged me to keep trying this new thing I was doing. That all seems like an age ago. But finally it is here and it already has some wonderful reviews written up for it.

5 Star Review on Goodreads and 4 Star Review on Goodreads and BooksnKisses review blog. I’ve had my first bit of fan mail over it on my FB Author page and a great response to the cover and the blurb.

Full moon on Dark Moon's Release Day morning.

Full moon on Dark Moon’s Release Day morning.

So, I was already feeling really positive about it, but then this morning I got up at 5.30am to write and one of my sons woke up around about 6.30am and came into my ‘office’ (the loungeroom where my desk is set up) to say goodmorning and give me a hug when he said, ‘Mummy, look at the full moon. Isn’t your book about the full moon and what it does to the werewolves and witches?’ I looked out the window and sure enough, there was the full moon glowing in the dawn sky. It felt like a good thing, given my son was right (he actually listened to me rabbit on about it! – go figure) and the full moon features prominently all through the book, and in the rest of the series, which I am currently writing. So I quickly took a photo of it (excuse the bluriness, I was being bumped my Mr 8yrs who still wanted a mummy hug)

And, as of today, you can get Dark Moon at:



Destiny Romance


Google Play

and other eBook retailers. I hope you all love Skye and Jason’s journey as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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