Release Day – Dangerous Echoes

Today is the day my part of the 4 book Echo Springs series is released – Dangerous Echoes.

I have said it before but I will say it again – it was such a pleasure to work with these other 3 brilliant authors, Daniel de Lorne, TJ Hamilton and Shannon Curtis, on the fictional town of Echo Springs, situated in northern NSW. Together we workshopped the town, the characters, the over-arcing plot that would span all four stories and had so much fun doing so. They are amazing people and talented authors and I learned so much working with them. Thank you, all of you, and thank you to Kate Cuthbert at Escape Publishing for coming up with the concept and bringing us all together.

Dangerous Echoes is book 1 of the series, and tells the story of brilliant forensic pathologist, Erika Hanson, who fled Echo Springs and the community that didn’t accept her. But to clear her brother’s name she’ll do anything – including returning to the town that never felt like home…

It was an exciting ride to work my way through the ins and outs of the mystery, but even more exciting to get to know Erika Hanson – a character who is on the autism spectrum – and how in working with ex-best friend and local copper, Hartley Cooper to clear her brother’s name and figure out what happened to him, she finds a way to open her heart and come to terms with the tragedy of her past.

I hope all my readers enjoy their journey as much as I enjoyed creating it.


Dangerous Echoes

Blue lights in the red dust…

Echo Springs on the edge of the outback – a town where everyone knows your name, and your business. But the wholesome country living and welcoming community aren’t what they used to be. Echo Springs has a dark underbelly, and it is seeping ever outward.

Brilliant forensic pathologist, Erika Hanson, fled from Echo Springs as a teenager, leaving behind a past of tragedy and pain. But when local police announce they’ve found her beloved brother’s body in a meth lab explosion, she knows she must return to clear Peter’s name and find out what really happened. Because Peter would never get involved with the drug tag sweeping across the small town of Australia and destroying lives.

Hartley Cooper has a past with Erika Hanson, but that’s not going to keep him from doing his job. He’s seen what grief can do, and denial is only the first step. But Erika is convinced that Peter can’t be involved, and her meticulous, professional skills start to convince Hartley as well. When Erika’s digging and questions get too personal, the town turns against them, Hartley knows Erika might run again. But this time he’s ready. And he’s not going to let her go.

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