Podcast: MWF Panel ‘A Swelling in His Loins’

Last year I was thrilled to be a part of the MWF (Melbourne Writers Festival) Day of Romance with an appearance on the most fun and blunt panel of the day – A Swelling in his Loins.

A Swelling in His Loins

This panel was aptly named by the magnificent Kate Cuthbert, Program Manager of Writers Victoria at the Wheelers Centre (she was also my editor when she headed up Escape Publishing). I was so excited to be a part of this panel. Not only was I a part of the MWF (a rarity for a true romance author), but I was part of their very first Day of Romance and was on a panel that addressed many important issues facing romance readers and writers today – talking about sex and sexuality without it becoming all about Fifty Shades of Grey!

Photo taken before the event by me.

This panel was more than a talk about euphimisms used to talk about sex and sexual body parts. We discussed all the reasons I love romance novels:

  • They put the woman front and centre
  • They give women the right to want more and ask for it without being made to feel ashamed
  • They ‘hero’ the woman’s right to her own sexual agency
  • They cover sexuality in all its forms
  • They include sex frankly and unstintingly as a staple of the genre
  • They unashamedly display the emotional side of sex and how much connection matters
  • They are responsive to and are at the forefront of much social change – most romances champion consent and the use of contraceptives
  • They unashamedly and rightly champion the fact that love is love.

The Panel

Photo courtesy of Chris Bell
From let to right: Maria Lewis, Leisl Leighton, Daniel deLorne and Clare Connelly

It was a pleasure and an honour to be on the A Swelling in His Loins panel with the amazingly talented Daniel deLorne and Clare Connelly, with Maria Lewis doing a fantastic job of chairing the panel. Our discussion was funny, intelligent, in-depth, frank and honest and there was a huge amount of positive feedback about it afterwards.

The Swelling in his Loins Podcast

I now have the pleasure to be able to share the discussion with you in this podcast:


You can also find all the other podcast recordings of the amazing romance-related panels that were included in the Day of Romance HERE – all released in time for Valentine’s Day. If you have some spare time, they are all fascinating, so go check them out.

Your Thoughts

Let me know what you think of sex and its inclusion in romance novels. I’d also love to know which sex scenes – in novel, movie or TV show – that have made the biggest mark on you.

Warning: The Swelling in his Loins podcast is full of adult content with swearing and frank talk of sex and intimate body parts, so don’t listen around innocent ears or if you find this kind of content too confronting.

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