Pick up this cozy paranormal freebie

My friend and very talented author, Marnie St Clair, is offering a new free novella exclusive to her newsletter subscribers. She writes sweet, emotional and funny cozy paranormal romances and sexy contemporary romances. This one is a cozy paranormal with a rising mystery set in a world of secret covens, evil warlocks and demons with characters to fall in love with. I’ve read it already and absolutely loved it and can’t wait for the rest of the Crowsnest Coven Series to come out.

It’s set in the same world as her Owlscroft Coven Series – so if you love those, you’ll definitely love this!

Strange Invitation

Nothing ever happens in Kansas …

After the drama of her recent past, all high school history teacher Rowan Quinn wants from her fresh start in St Cuthbert, Kansas is peace and quiet. The more boring, the better!

But no one told her that her new home would feature a sheriff she clashes with at every opportunity, the most sinfully attractive handyman imaginable, and a cult of women who stalk, stare and whisper … and may or may not be witches.

It seems those warnings that she’s in danger are real – but who should she fear? And who can she trust?

Sounds amazing, right? And don’t you love that cover?

Pick up your copy now!

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