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I was surprised and delighted to receive an email from the other day, saying they had chosen my Pack Bound Series to include in their video titled: 5 Romance Series for Readers Who Are Never Satisfied.

In the article they call me an author who is ‘creating gripping tales full of romance and conflict’ and that Pack Bound is a ‘captivating romance series for readers who just can’t get enough.’


I had never heard of, but after some research, I discovered that they put up informational videos, have been operating since 2011 and are the world’s first wiki video with an impressive subscription and view rate.

I clicked on the link to find that Pack Bound has been wrapped up with 4 other romance series into a little video, with the basic plot outlined for the series and some great pics to give a feeling of theme and the dark intensity and hot romance of my novels. It was quite thrilling to see someone else had loved my books enough to spend the time to put them into a video like that.

You can find the video here (Pack Bound is mentioned 2nd in the video.)

Enjoy – and let me know what you think.

Where can you buy the Pack Bound Series

You can find buy links for my Pack Bound series HERE.

Extra Bonus:

Until April 30th 2020, the first two novels, Pack Bound and Moon Bound, are on sale at $2.99. So it’s a great time to tuck in to this series that calls ‘gripping’, ‘captivating’ and one that you will ‘fall in love with again and again’.

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