Pack Bound is Free! And Moon Bound is on Pre-order for 99c!

To celebrate the upcoming release of Moon Bound (pre-order now for only 99c!), I have decided to put Pack Bound on sale for FREE!

Yes, you read it right. Pack Bound is now FREE.

Download your copy now and get swept up in a world of witches, Wiccans and shifters as they fight against an evil wanting to destroy them all.

Pack Bound

One Pack, one Coven, a destiny intertwined…

Five hundred years ago, facing extinction, a group of powerful witches united to create a pact with the Were to save Witch-kind. The pact expelled an ancient evil, known only as the Darkness, that blocked the Were from their wolves. With the Darkness destroyed, the Packs and Covens grew strong as they thrived beside each other in their brand-new world.

But the Darkness was not destroyed.

Skye Collins has been brought up to fear her magic and shy away from Witch and Were alike. But when Jason McVale, the Alpha of Pack McVale, comes in search of her, she is intrigued and tempted. Yet, the intensity of passion she shares with Jason threatens her control – and if she loses control, she just might turn into the weapon the Darkness intended her to become all along. 

Can she trust this Were when he says his Pack will die without her? More importantly, can she trust her magic before the Darkness has its way?

If stories of wild magic, shifters, witches, fated mates and the struggle against evil are your nirvana, then the award nominated Pack Bound Series is for you.

“Wow! I have found a new author to read! Leisl Leighton has created a world full of intrigue and captivating characters that draw you into the story and hold readers hostage until the very end. I was certainly spellbound throughout.”

Eva Millien – Stormy Vixen’s Book Reviews

“I was hooked!”

Cyn – Goodreads

“I found the premise very cool…I recommend to all shifter and witch fans because this is an intriguing story with tons going on and a new spin that you will love!  I can’t wait for the next book!”

Cassandra Loskot – Cassandra Lost In Books Blog/Book Reviews 

Join the Were and witches in their fight against the Darkness and bind yourself to a copy of Pack Bound today.

And don’t forget to pre-order your copy of Moon Bound for only 99c!

Moon Bound

Only her love can heal his broken soul…

Bronwyn Kincaid loves being independent and single but most especially she loves her job as a Wiccan Healer. Using her power to heal people’s pain completes her. But after the events of Samhain when she helped her best friend, Skye Collins, defeat evil witch Morrigan and stop the Darkness, powers that once brought her so much solace now have a dangerous edge. Which is a big problem given sexy loner Were, River Collins, desperately needs her help.

River can’t trust himself. After the night Morrigan was defeated, his wolf turned into a Beast that longs to hunt and kill. Terrified of what he might do, he pushes everyone away. Except, Bronwyn, won’t be pushed. A light in his tortured soul, she is determined to figure out why his wolf has become a creature of nightmares. And by the Moon, he can’t make her stop, especially as it seems to help her to learn about her new power.

However, the evil Darkness that hunts the Were and their Covens wants to use River and Bronwyn’s burgeoning powers to destroy everything they’ve both come to hold dear. But how can they stop it when they can’t even control what is drawing them to its side?

If you love stories about tortured heroes, fated mates, hot shifters, witches coming into their power and all with a large dollop of sexy romance, then the award nominated Moon Bound is for you.

Moon Bound is one thrilling read that had me glued to the pages…The Pack Bound world is definitely fascinating and full of intrigue which ensures that I am going to keep coming back for more.

Eva Millien – Stormy Vixen’s Book Reviews

A fabulous storyline, with exciting characters and an intensity that leads the reader to want so much more. I’m absolutely looking forward to the next book in this wonderful series.

Karen Roma – Goodreads

I love this book!

Jessica – Goodreads

Join the Were and witches in their fight against the Darkness and bind yourself to a copy of Moon Bound today.

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