Operation Christmas Movie & Free Books

I had a moment the other day when I walked into the local shops and saw that Christmas decorations were already up.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas – the food, the decorations, the sappy Christmas romance movies, the spending time with family and friends, even the present buying and wrapping. I make Christmas fruit cakes to give family and close friends (not the usual yuck dry thing but a delicious recipe that has even the most sceptical trying it and loving it and looking forward to it the next year). I’m that organised type that usually shops early in November so I’m not doing the manic last-minute panic buying, and I always decorate the house the first week of December.

But I’ve been so busy in the lead-up to the release of A Perfectly Paranormal Halloween, that I just didn’t equate the end of October with it being almost November which meant almost December and oh-my-god our renovations haven’t finished due to multiple lockdowns and I don’t have a kitchen yet and how am I going to make my cakes and will I even have a place to put the tree with half the house packed into the lounge room while the renovation is going on and how do I hang the decorations when the walls are still being painted and all the curtains and rods have been taken down and there’s still plaster-dust everywhere with more to come and how will I ever get everything done in time? Agggghhhh!

As you can see, a bit of panic set in.

Are you like this? Or is it just me?

Probably just me.

My only comfort is that the Christmas-romance movie-fest is about to start rolling out and when I’m feeling at my most panicky, I will settle down with a nice cup of tea and do a spot of binge watching at night of all the lovely, sappy, learning-just-the-right lessons at Christmas so as to get the boy/girl and have the merriest of merriest Christmases movies.

I love the Christmas romance movies so hard, I wrote an article about it for romance.com last year. It’s called Operation Christmas Movie – a kind of hit and miss list of my favourites and the ones you should definitely skip. A list I will definitely be adding to this year.

You can check out the article by clicking on the link below if you, like me, are a Christmas romance movie fanatic.

So, with a little help from some lovely made-for-TV stories, I will be jingling all the way to Christmas despite my questions about just what kind of Christmas it will be for our family this year. I hope this list gives you a little jingle in your step too. 

But that’s not the only pre-Christmas pressie I have for you today – I have some free book promotions for you to peruse where you can pick yourself up some new little sparkling book treasures to enjoy. If you are a Christmas-is-almost-here panic-er like me, I hope you can find a few good books to hunker down with as the weather gets cooler (or hotter like here in Australia). Finding a new book-boyfriend always helps with any panicking – right?

Pre-Christmas pressies – Free Books!

Firstly, I’m thrilled to let you know that A Perfectly Paranormal Valentine Anthology is now FREE! An early Christmas present from us to you. 

The first novel in my Gods Cursed Series, Love Cursed, appears in this anthology, so if you haven’t got it yet, now is definitely the time to get started on this series that readers are calling:

Another must-have on your reading list.

DD Line – Goodreads Reviewer.

Valentine’s Day – celebrating forever love with roses and chocolates, claws and fangs, and a magical spell or two …

Whatever your paranormal pleasure, dive into these five original stories from award winning and new Australian authors in this magical anthology.

Featuring sweet or spicy romance, action, revenge, secrets and curses, this paranormal anthology will fill all your Valentine’s Day desires.

Witch, Vampire, Demi-God, Fae and Shifter: who will get their happy ever after this Valentine’s Day?

Five books for Free! And four of them are the first in series – so a great way to find new authors. Magic up your copy today.

I also have a new free paranormal book promotion to share with you too. This one is only available until the end of November – so get in quick as there are only a few more weeks of November to go! (Brain quietly screaming again!):

I have some more that are upcoming through December so I will let you know when those are on – because who doesn’t like to know about books on sale and ones that are free? I love finding new authors and series and this is such a great way to do it. I hope you can find more new lovely stories and fall in love with some new book boyfriends. Including my Paul Collier who is the hero in Witch Bound which is part of the above promotion. If you haven’t got yourself a copy of Witch Bound yet, please click on the link and download it. Or you can also just click on the button below:

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