New cover for A Perfectly Paranormal Valentine Anthology – and a 99c celebratory sale!

Later this week I will be revealing the gorgeous cover for A Perfectly Paranormal Halloween. I can’t wait to bring this anthology to you with the second novel in my Gods Cursed Series, Soul Cursed, featuring in it.

Our wonderful cover goddess has been hard at work and sprinkled her magic over the first anthology in the series: A Perfectly Paranormal Valentine Anthology (APPV – which features Love Cursed: Book 1 Gods Cursed Series). She has come up this this striking new cover.

I am so thrilled with this gorgeous new cover for the APPV Anthology. I can’t stop staring at the Little Red Riding Hood-style witch on the front – she is just mesmerising! What do you think?

To celebrate, we are putting APPV Anthology up for sale for only 99c!

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This offer is for a limited time. So get in now to get your copy of this amazing anthology that readers are calling:

‘A fabulous collection with something for everyone. There are sweet to downright sexy saucy stories here filled with romance, heartbreak, humour, magic, and mayhem. What’s not to love?’

Romance with magic, claws, wings and happy ever afters – what more could anyone ask for?

An enjoyable collection! I totally recommend it.’

A Perfectly Paranormal Valentine Anthology

Valentine’s Day – celebrating forever love with roses and chocolates, claws and fangs, and a magical spell or two …

Whatever your paranormal pleasure, dive into these five original stories from award winning and new Australian authors in this magical anthology. 

Featuring sweet or spicy romance, action, revenge, secrets and curses, this paranormal anthology will fill all your Valentine’s Day desires.

Witch, Vampire, Demi-God, Fae and Shifter: who will get their happy ever after this Valentine’s Day?

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LOVE CURSED by Leisl Leighton

A love across time, cursed to stay apart …

Coven librarian, Julianna Stevens, jokes about being cursed at love. When an old diary that speaks of an ancient Love Curse is found, she realises it isn’t a joke. To break the hex she must uncover a secret spell and travel to Rome to be in the exact spot with her unknown soul mate by midnight on Valentine’s Day, or her soul will be doomed forever. No pressure – but it’s going to be Happy Never After if she can’t.


Avery Lloyd does not like being a witch – it’s all rules and hard work. She also hates dogs. As in, really hates dogs. So when her boss Alec insists she attend the Valentine’s Day charity event at the lost dogs’ shelter, Avery casts an unlawful spell to get out of it. But something’s not quite right about this batch of magic, and before she knows it, Avery has ruined Alec’s life. She has until Valentine’s Day to fix it, or the damage will be permanent.

CATNIP by Samantha Marshall

For reclusive dragon Oaklyn Airecross, spending Valentine’s Day with a stack of book boyfriends and chocolate mousse sounds like heaven – until an uninvited guest picks a fight with a bean bag, and she’s thrust bodily into a mess of runaway cats, vampire intrigue and frypans. In order to reclaim the Valentine’s Day of her dreams, Oaklyn must set aside her preconceived notions on true love, the perfect man, and exactly what that bulge might be when it twitches inside of his pants.

FILIGREE AND FATE by Helen Lucy Howe

Famous fae-artist, Zhulija, is asked to create decorations for a wedding, but things don’t go according to plan. Infamous unseelie, Dario Eribifax, after recognizing his ‘true mate,’ appoints himself her personal assistant in an effort to convince her of their fated connection. What could possibly go wrong?

A BROOMSTICK BREW by Georgia Tingley

When Wysper uses a ‘love potion’ on Valentine’s Day to make the man of her dreams fall in love, things take a turn for the worse. She finds herself falling for everyone she looks at. A hilarious witchcraft backfire!

Buy your copy now for 99c

With the second in the A Perfectly Paranormal Anthology series due out in October (A Perfectly Paranormal Halloween), don’t miss out on getting your copy of A Perfectly Paranormal Valentine Anthology for this amazing sale price – find a new book boyfriend AND start a new series today!

Sale is on for a short time only. Don’t miss out.

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