My Author Profile is on Darksiders Downunder!


My silly mug is appearing on another site and despite never liking photos of myself, I’m pretty happy about this one – it’s my Author Profile with my two books, Dark Moon and Killing Me Softly, underneath on Darksiders Downunder

Darksiders Downunder is a site that allows lovers of fantasy and paranormal fiction to meet their favourite authors, meet new authors and find out what is going on with them and their books. There are interesting blogs, good news, catch-ups and release day information. I’m going to be writing some special blogs for it over the next few months – so watch this space.

If you’re wanting to find a new fantasy or paranormal book to read, you should pop on by – and give my smiling face a wave and check out both my books while you’re there. See you at Darksiders Downunder.

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