Leisl Leighton – Author Services Celebrates Another Client Sign-Up

It is with great pleasure that I announce Leisl Leighton – Author Services’ client, Clyve Rose, has sold her manuscript To Ride a Cockhorse (working title) to Boroughs Publishing Group.

Image: Clyve Rose

To Ride a Cockhorse is the first novel in a 3 book series Clyve is working on, set in Regency England with central themes of redemption, acceptance and diversity. It will be published later this year.

As Leisl Leighton – Author Services I have the pleasure of working with authors to mentor them through the various stages of their writing journey or to assess their manuscript before submission to help them make it shine.

It is always such a thrill when one of my clients goes on to sell the manuscript I have worked with them on. Even greater a thrill when my client is kind enough to write words of thanks like these:

I worked with Leisl on my first completed regency romance manuscript. There is no doubt that she saw more in the work, and in my writing, than I did myself. She is a wonderful sounding board, and an excellent writing mentor. Not only was I a better writer after each and every piece of feedback she gave me, but I keep on improving as an author because of the workshopping and the ‘talk-throughs’.

Leisl doesn’t only understand words and writing – she understands authors. The anxieties and the panics, the confidence ‘dips’ and the fickleness of the muse. She is inspirational in her own work, and she’s able to distill all that learning into assisting her clients with both writing and readying that writing for authorship. I feel very lucky – and very grateful – to be one of her clients.

She helped with my manuscript, and my synopsis, and  my live pitch at the RWA conference in 2019 as well. As a result of all her assistance, my dream of becoming a published author is actually happening. I have wanted this since I was 8 years old, so almost four decades later, this is no small thing to me. It is, in fact, my own personal Happy Ever After and I have Leisl Leighton to thank.

My first novel will be released in September 2020 by Boroughs Publishing and I am so excited.

I wish to extend my biggest congratulations to Clyve. I am so pleased for her and thrilled to be a part of her journey. I wish Clyve and her novels all the best as she surges into this new part of her journey.

You can catch up with Clyve at her website https://www.clyverose.com/ or Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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