Leisl Leighton – Author Services Celebrates Another Client Publishing Victory

I was thrilled on the weekend to discover that another manuscript assessment client is to be published.

Jodie Miller‘s memoir on maternity activism, What Does it Feel Like Being Born: A Memoir of Maternity Activism, is an engaging and emotional story and I am so proud and pleased that her story has finally found a voice and will be published with Shawline Publishing.

This is what Jodie had to say about working with me:

Leisl Leighton was unphased by the fact that my manuscript was only 90% complete. She understood why I sought her expert guidance on finishing the product. Her feedback was encouraging but forthright. She identified all my pain points – where I struggled to express my ideas or where I was avoiding deep emotion. She clearly grasped the themes of my memoir and offered suggestions for enrichment and commercial success I did the hardest thing a novice writer can do – kill my darlings – including a whole chapter that didn’t belong. The narrative began to flow and it felt great!

Jodie Miller – memoirist

What Does It Feel Like Being Born? A Memoir of Maternity Activism

It’s 1999 and Jodie doesn’t want children. When her husband threatens, baby or bust, she resists. But 30 is approaching and her eggs aren’t getting younger.

By chance, Jodie gets access to the only public Birth Centre in South East Queensland, one of two in the entire state. She is profoundly changed by her baby’s beautiful birth and becomes an advocate at the hospital while a larger, national campaign for birth reform is growing.

Having babies herself and supporting others in birth, Jodie uncovers the secret women’s business that conservative obstetricians deny and resist.

In Australia, one-third of all births are caesarean and one in ten women experience Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. If reproduction is a feminist issue, welcome to the forgotten women’s movement.

‘Midwives weren’t able to force change alone. Jodie’s devotion and dedication are commendable. The midwifery world needs more like her.’ Beth McRae, author of ‘Outback Midwife’.

I will share the buy links with you when I have them, but for now, you can see Jodie speak as part of the Independent Australian Authors Symposium in Brisbane:

When: November 14, 2020

Where: Victoria Park Golf Club, 309 Herston Rd, Herston.

Tickets $155. Book Online: https://www.shawlinepublishing.com.au/iaa-symposium

You can find out more about Jodie through her Website.

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