July News, promotions and more

Oh my god, it’s July – how are we more than half way through the year already? Where did it go? 

My house is still a mess from the kitchen renovation. What with issues with a plumber, the latest lockdown and the floor people ordering the wrong amount of flooring – and it taking weeks to get some more – it seems like this renovation is never going to end. Crossing fingers that this coming week will finally see the cabinets going in and the flooring finished. What with that, exploring BookFunnel promotions (more on that below), writing Soul Cursed and trying to finish edits on Soul Bound, it has been a crazy month.

But enough about that. Onto some great offers available for this month. 

Promotional Offers

I have some exciting promotional deals to share with you for the month of July:

Pack Bound and Dangerous Echoes are on sale in the Amazon ANZ Start a New Series Promotion. The sale is on for all of July, so if you haven’t read either of these series, now’s your chance to get in at the super low price of $1.99. 

Pack Bound is the first full length novel in my Pack Bound Series – if you’ve read the prequel novella, Witch Bound, don’t miss out on snapping up Pack Bound for only $1.99 and find out what happens to Paul and Ivy’s children in the first of this passionate, emotional and action packed series. Click here to find out more.

Dangerous Echoes is the first in the Echo Springs Series. This was a series I wrote with 3 other authors and it was so much fun I’d love to do it again some time. Don’t miss out on getting the first of this action packed romantic suspense series set in the outback of Australia for only $1.99!  Click here to find out more.

Witch Bound is also part of an exclusive promotion this month. If you love forbidden lovers stories then this one is for you. There are 19 novellas, novels or samples in this promotion, all free. Click here for the full list. 

And make certain to share the promo link around to all your bookish friends – it’s great to share the forbidden love!

Writing News

Things have been progressing well with my writing of Soul Cursed, the next novel in the Gods Cursed Series which is due out in the A Perfectly Paranormal Halloween Anthology in October. I am just putting the finishing touches on it before sending it off to my editor for feedback, but I can’t wait to get Tamuel and Korinna’s story to you. I hope to have a cover reveal for you soon (I’ve seen an early draft and it’s gorgeous!)

If you haven’t read the first novella in the series, you can pick it up in A Perfectly Paranormal Valentine Anthology now.

In sadder news, due to family (some medical, some the renovation that just won’t end!!) and other book commitments (2 new romantic suspense novels off to my agent and writing the novella for the anthology which is due to the editor at the end of this month!) I have had to push back the release of Soul Bound: A Pack Bound Series Prequel. 

There just isn’t enough time in the day no matter how much I will it! 

I want to give Alistair and Morghanna their due and the story needs a little more work to make it as good as it possibly can be for all of you, but I do hope to have it off to the editor by the end of July. I will let you know as soon as I am ready to set a release date.  

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Review Goodness

Also, just a note to everyone that we authors love feedback. Just this week I’ve had emails from readers telling me how much they loved Witch Bound and that it was a real love story with depth and detail. It makes such a difference when you are in the writing cave at home all alone to receive that kind of feedback that comes into your inbox.

Reviews are a great way to share the love too – so please, if you enjoyed any of my books, it would be super amazing if you could review them. Even a few words added to your star rating can make such a difference to sales and algorithms and the chance one of my books will pop up in other people’s ‘also reads’.

From the manuscript assessment side of the pond – I just received this lovely feedback from an author whose work I judged in a contest (I love to pay it forward a bit after contest judges helped me so much in the past):

Thank you so much for your considered approach to my novel. I have a lot to learn but I appreciate your kindness and patience and all of your notes. You have provided me so much guidance and I’m looking forward to getting stuck into working through your suggestions! I am sure you are a wonderful editor/ creative writing coach! You have a way of delivering a critique that makes me want to dive right into resolving the issues.

Such lovely feedback. It’s always nerve-wracking sending off judging feedback or when I do manuscript assessment or writing mentor work, because you never know how someone will take your kindly meant criticism of their work, so it is extra wonderful when I hear my feedback has made this kind of impact. Thank you, lovely author, for letting me know what I had to say helped.

I hope you find some great new books in the promo offers above and wish you happy reading.

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