It’s my opinion – and that’s okay

Wow. I must have missed some amazing explosion on social media about SHIELD and various other things while I was writing my own take on the show (and oops – I think I spelled Whedon incorrectly – bad me!) But as usual, Chuck fills in my lack of social media prowess so that I at least know there was a brouhaha of some sort. Still not sure what, but hell, it must of been something to make him write this.

Despite missing the whole explosion (I was over on my FB Author page having a lovely discussion with a few of my friends, where some agreed and some didn’t and that was a-okay) I agree with Chuck’s take on it. I wrote something similar a little while ago here about being made to feel less than an intelligent woman for liking romance.

I just don’t get people who don’t think it’s okay that I like what I like and you like what you like and we can still get along. I mean, my husband likes watching hard-edged crime shows (Underbelly anyone?) and they give me the irrits, but we still love each other and we still got married all those years ago. My boys love Minecraft and I look at it with a scratching head bewilderment and can’t see the attraction – but hey, I love that they love it and get so much out of it (although my loving stops when I have to ban them from their devices just to get them to take out the rubbish or do the dishes!) I am trying to teach my boys that all you can ever own is your own opinion – and it is only an opinion. It is not the 10 commandments handed down by God (or whoever/whatever you believe in), nor is it the law. You’re entitled to your opinion and so am I and let’s be friends anyway. Because, you know what? Our differences (and not just our similarities) are what make this world so interesting. If we were all the same, it would be Bor-ing (with a capital B).

So, embrace what you love, but let me embrace what I love. To paraphrase Chuck, let’s share our opinions and have fun discovering the ups and downs and ins and outs of what makes us individuals. Or, in the words of Guy Sebastian’s new song (my boys new favourite after seeing him at Slimefest) ‘Dare to be Square’ – it’s okay to be different. We need to celebrate that, not bully others into feeling shit about it.

Now I’m going to get down off my soapbox and pull my boys away from Minecraft and get ready for work and wish you all a great day full of loving what you love.

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