It’s Here: Release Day for A Perfectly Paranormal Easter

A Perfectly Paranormal Easter is released today.

I can’t believe we’re finally here. It seems so long ago we sat down to discuss and plan the ongoing A Perfectly Paranormal series. 

The writing of my novel, Blood Cursed, that appears in this anthology has been one of blood, sweat and tears. But some stories are like that. They are so important to get right that it almost seems impossible to do so. And that describes this one in spades. My characters just kept going off and doing things they weren’t supposed to and I had to keep hauling them back in.

Not to mention there was the never-ending task of trying to limit the cameos of certain Gods who just kept popping up and wanting to have their say – Loki in particular can be so unruly! And Hades – total nightmare. They kept wanting the spotlight but I had to keep explaining to them this wasn’t their story.

And being Gods, do you think they’d listen?! Not bloody likely!

Anyway, I finally got them to play ball and got the story back on track to be what I think is my best one yet of the Gods Cursed Series

Blood Cursed is full of high emotion, hot sex, lots of action, mystery and tension and I am so thrilled to bring you the satisfying end to Korinna and Tamuel’s story arc. 

Blood Cursed

A secret blood curse; a love worth fighting for.

Failed witch Korinna Soteira needs to figure out how to control her powers before the moon rises on the first night of Oestra. She can’t allow the disaster that killed all the people of Pompeii 2,000 years ago to occur again. Especially if it endangers the life of her beloved Tamuel.

If it was up to her, she’d never use her magic, but if she and Tamuel are to release the trapped HeartsBlood Gem spirit and vanquish the evil witch Clodia, she will need every ounce of her power and more. The problem is the one spell that might allow her to control her magic – a spell she can only access with her cursed blood – is forbidden to her because of how dangerous it could be.

But Korinna will do anything to get her hands on that spell, even if the consequence might destroy the one thing worth living for: her love.

The extra bonus with APPE is that Blood Cursed isn’t the only story that in the anthology that includes all these things – they are all amazing (a totally unbiased opinion of course!) Check out these blurbs:

Sweet Hearafter

by Marnie St Clair

To be reborn, you must first die …

Future witch Everly Jackson knew wizard JJ was the one for her the moment she first saw him. But then she interpreted a vision of the future wrong causing JJ to be inhabited by a demon – ruining his life. Now, with guilt weighing heavily on her, she and JJ can barely breathe the same air without finding something to fight about.

But one night, on her way back from the future, Everly meets an alternative version of JJ in a most improbable place … and realises she’s been given a chance to fix what she’s broken. First, she’ll have to figure out all his secrets – and somehow keep her own – before he puts himself in mortal danger … and she’s forced to make the ultimate sacrifice.


by Samantha Marshall

Everything has a dark side… even chocolate.

Taylin Colkannis has never questioned her place as head Sentinel of Evergreen Waters Retreat – until the night an intruder sneaks into her home and attempts to murder her mentor right under her nose. Before she has a chance to change out of her pyjamas, Taylin’s kitchen is overtaken by an entire department of Easter Bunnies and a darkly handsome man claiming to be the only god capable of saving her mentor’s life.

Drift was once the Primal God of the Vernal Equinox – until Ostara, Goddess of the Spring and Dawn, stole his powers, his staff, his duties as the Easter Hare and, if that wasn’t enough, his dignity. Countless centuries later, a nameless thief has snatched the Staff of Easter from Ostara’s domain and is using it to wreak havoc across the land of Mu. To regain his birthright, Drift must catch the thief… and nobody, least of all the enchanting Taylin Colkannis with her moon-touched magic and beguiling smile, is going to stand in his way.

Desperate to save her mentor, Taylin offers to help Drift recover his staff – putting them in direct competition with Ostara and the Easter Bunny Conglomerate, who will stop at nothing to prevent Drift’s restoration. With the balance of the Merged Worlds at stake and danger around every corner, Taylin and Drift must learn to trust the primal attraction blooming between them… or tear each other apart.

Blizzards and Beginnings

by Hellucy Howe

What would you do if winter grew teeth and claws?

Lady Lyssica Aphiski, unexpected heir to the Duke of Papillion, is driven to prove to her father she is capable of fulfilling her role – even if it means juggling her estate duties with her secret and sacred responsibility as hand-maiden to the Unseelie Goddess, Ostara.  Everything is going swimmingly until the first snow of winter arrives weeks ahead of schedule. If that wasn’t enough, the participants for the Tri-moon training program arrive, bringing with them a terror from Lyssica’s past.

When Lord Emryn Phengaris agreed to represent his Changeling Clan in the Tri-moon program, he had no idea he’d end up as personal bodyguard to the gorgeous Lady Lyssica Aphiski. To make matters worse, his animal side insists she’s their mate, which is impossible because, despite his fascination with her steel spine and shimmering smile, she’s not changeling.

Then a Tri-moon apprentice is murdered by an ancient evil determined to bring about eternal winter. Only one thing stands in his way – the magic Lyssica has kept secret since childhood. With her world thrown into chaos and danger at every turn, Emryn proves the anchor Lyssica never knew she needed. Together, they must find the strength to vanquish not only the demons threatening the Queendom, but the ones inside their hearts.

Special Release Week Sale for APPE

If you haven’t ordered your copy of A Perfectly Paranormal Easter yet, then now’s the time. We are celebrating its release by keeping it at the special price of 99c – but only until 18th April. Don’t miss out. 

If you love:

  • Hot heroes
  • Kick-arse heroines who save the day
  • Friends to lovers stories
  • Enemies to lovers stories
  • Second chances
  • Magic & magical realism
  • Magical/mythological creatures
  • Romance (with sexy times in some of the stories)
  • Sitting down with your favourite chocolate/chocolate beverage/hot cross buns and whiling away the hours in a lovely romancy, actiony book

Then this is the anthology for you!

Sale on First Two Anthologies

We also currently have sales on the other anthologies in the series too in the lead-up to this release, so if you haven’t read the first two anthologies and want to read all the series included in order, you can currently get all 3 anthologies for less than $2 – but only if you act now. The prices won’t stay at this big a discount for long. 

You can get them here:



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