I’m a post graduate – again!

Guess what arrived in the mail today? My certificate for the course I did at Melbourne University last year.


I already knew I’d passed my course with flying colours – 4 HDs! – but now I feel officially stamped as the holder of a Graduate Certificate of Publishing and Communications (Advanced).

So what does that give me?

I specialised in mostly editing subjects with one book marketing subject. I discovered that I knew a lot (a lot more than I’d previously thought) about the publishing industry, editing and social media, but I also learned an awful lot as well. So as to what it gives me?

The ability to say with utmost confidence that I can help my clients in my Manuscript Assessment and Mentoring business with more than just the knowledge I’ve learned as a writer over the last twelve years. Before the course I just thought I knew things about writing and the publishing industry and was qualified to give advice – now I know I know those things (there’s a certificate to prove it) and am appropriately certified to give that advice.

More study?

I really enjoyed the study and the learning environment at Melbourne University and had some amazing educators to learn from. I will probably go back to learning again in the future when I feel I need some brushing up (actually, truth be told, the learning never ends – I’m constantly learning), but for now, I am simply ready to surge forward and offer my services to authors knowing that I have an extra stamp of approval from Melbourne University proving that I know some stuff. 🙂

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