Guest Post for Killing Me Softly with Charissa Stastny

Killing me softly lo resToday I have a guest post on Charissa Stastny’s blog, Joy in the Moments. Check it out here if you’ve got a moment.

Charissa is a lovely author I met through another website. She lives all the way over the other side of the world (Las Vegas, Nevada), and has never pulled a slot machine in her life, just like me (although the temptation for her is far greater living in what could be known as the gambling capital of the world). Charissa believes that life should be lived for joy and I have to say I agree – otherwise what is the point?

This is why I follow my dreams of writing and even though I was lucky enough to be published with my romantic suspense novel, Killing Me Softly, and have just contracted for my new paranormal, Dark Moon, my dream isn’t fulfilled. It just grows longer and more interesting, filled with all sorts of weird and wonderful creatures and characters, good vs evil, moments of discovery and the never ending journey, not only for my characters, but for myself. Because, without this journey, how are we supposed to ever figure out who we are meant to be?

It is also wonderful that as part of this journey, I get to meet other people making their journeys through their world. They might not be turning dreams into romantic suspense and paranormal fantasy like me, but, like Charissa, they are finding their own joy.

Yay to the dreamers in us all.

In the spirit of this, I want to share with you a song I think expresses this really well. Megan Hilty from Smash singing Carrie Underwoods, ‘Crazy Dreams’. Enjoy.

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