Ghostbusting women – Hell yeah!

I just read this on Chuck Wendig’s website and I have to say to Chuck – hell yeah!.

Ghostbusting women…gve me more. The idea of a female Doctor does go agasint the original Doctor being a man turning into a man scenario, but with the latest seasons they’ve broken so many rules anyway, why not another one. I was always surprised they didn’t follow the story of The Doctor’s daughter anyway (you know, the one that was made from the DNA from his hand?) I love women who can kick arse. Two of my favourite shows to date are Buffy

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and Alias – women who could be real and emotional but completely hold their own. I don’t see why women coudln’t Ghostbust too. And I certainly don’t see how this could be considered a gimmick. I think it will give the story new life, a different perspective, will challenge the set up in different ways – how is that a gimmick? That cheapens the value women bring to things to think we’re only a gimmick.

So, to hell with those calling it a gimmick and hell yeah to those who are bringing us this remake of a classic. I look forward to seeing what you bring to the melting pot.

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