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I am thrilled to tell you that Witch Bound is getting more great reviews:

A Pack Bound Series Prequel is well written and kept me turning pages. Paul Collins, duty-bound Pack Warlock and seer and maternal wolf Ivy McVale’s story is well worth reading. I want to read more in this series. Five Stars – Barbara – Goodreads Reviewer

Paul Collins is the Pack Warlock and seer who is supposed to marry a strong witch for the sake of the pack. He instead wants his best-friend’s sister, Ivy McVale. But he has a vision that she would die if they mated.
So Paul uses his magic to make Ivy think they are enemies. But a fated mate is always drawn to her partner. It’s a connection of the soul. No matter how he treats her, she feels his torment, pain, loneliness, and she wants to reach out to him. The pack needs him… and so does Ivy. Will they be able to ignore Fate? Or is this what is meant to be? Five Stars – Emily Pennington, Amazon Top Reviewer

A good beginning
This prequel to the series gives you a feel for the history and background of the pack warlock, his trials, and tribulations as he finds his path. We also see his journey to finding his inner strength and his dedication to his fated mate, Ivy.
Five Stars – 
Rose Brown – Goodreads Reviewer

This is a wonderful paranormal romance. I liked it very much. It is emotional and exciting to read, with super characters. Five Stars – K.M – Amazon & Goodreads Reviewer

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Witch Bound

One Fate, one mate, a bond too strong to deny …

Paul Collins, duty-bound Pack Warlock and seer, must marry a strong witch for the good of Pack McVale. But his hidden feelings for his best-friend’s sister, maternal wolf Ivy McVale, make this a more difficult pill to swallow every day. Especially when they begin to mate.

Then Paul has a vision: If they mate, Ivy will die. Desperate, Paul uses his powers to change destiny and make Ivy think she’s always hated him. He can deal with any punishment the Fates make him pay for tampering with destiny, as long as Ivy lives.

After recovering from a bewildering month-long illness, Ivy notices her nemesis, Paul, is tormented by something. And strangely, she is the only one who can feel it. Unable to endure such unhappiness—even if he does call her Poison Ivy—she is determined to help him, no matter the cost. Because Pack McVale cannot survive without him, and curiously, neither can she …

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