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Fractured Curse

Cursed to never be loved; fated to never be alone …

Cursed cupid, Tamuel, has been told he will never love or be loved, a fate he’s long been resigned to. Yet, from the moment he meets powerful trainee witch Korinna Soteira at the Amazonian training camp deep in the Ceraunian Mountains, he knows this to be a lie. For he loves Korinna like he’s loved nothing and no-one in his life. But his curse is right in one respect: he may be able to love, but he can never be loved. Korinna will only ever be his friend, a fact he has spent the last twenty years coming to terms with.

Korinna lives in turmoil. She loves Tamuel with everything in her, but how can she tell him when her duty lies elsewhere, as does his? Not to mention, there is his curse – which means he cannot love anyone, not even her. Their future is set and she cannot change it.

However, an ancient evil is trying to get back into the Earthly Realm to destroy what the Gods have built and finally rule over all. The only thing that can stop it is the cursed cupid and an impossible love – a love, Korinna has discovered, that if allowed to come into being now, could destroy everything she’s worked so hard to protect.

How can she break Tamuel’s curse and save their present without also breaking the future?

If you love stories with magic, beta heroes, witches, fated mates, curses and meddling Gods and Goddesses all wrapped up with a sexy HFN, then Fractured Curse is the story for you. Discover the magic of the Gods Cursed Series and download your copy today.

Fractured Curse is a prequel novella to my popular Gods Cursed Series centring on unknown history between two of readers’ favourite characters from the series. It takes place 2000 years before the events in Love Cursed and can be read as an introduction into the world or at any time during the reading of the series.

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