Fantasy Realms Anthology – August Introductions!

Over the next three months the team at Fantasy Realms Anthology is doing a set of introductions of the awesome authors contributing to the Warlords, Witches and Wolves Anthology. First up are the wonderful Daniel de Lorne, Claire Boston, SE Welsh and me!
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Why do you love fantasy romance?

Leisl: I love the idea of worlds that are not ours – either another planet or our planet but with a different version of our reality – and what goes on in them. I love mythology and history and blending them together with social structures to create a new whole (based in something from our reality) thrills me. I love to sink into those worlds and discover them – it feels like travelling. And of course, I love seeing characters I care about reaching their HEA.
Daniel: I love being able to create a world beyond the norm where the impossible is possible – and the chances for life-or-death romances is that much more ‘realistic’.
Claire: I’ve always been drawn to the fantastical – fairies, goblins, dragons and magic – and I adore love stories, so fantasy romance is the perfect mix of both of my passions.
SE: The biggest reason is because fantasy is so escapist. Also, I really love the ‘acceptance’ aspect of it. The heroines/heroes often find themselves falling for someone from a different race/species than themselves, and it doesn’t matter. I want our world to be like that.

Favorite otherworldly being and why?

Leisl: Dragons. I love the various mythology around them, especially where they can shift into human form and live among us. The idea of shifting into something so huge and terrifying, of flying far above the world and seeing it from a perspective shaped from the life a dragon must live – it sparks my imagination and makes my mind soar. I’m yet to write one – haven’t found the right story, but when I do, ‘there be dragons’.
Daniel: I’m partial to a dragon because they’re big and they can fly and (most) breathe fire – and yet I haven’t written a story with one yet. Maybe in the future.
Claire: Without doubt it has to be the dragon. There are so many different sizes from enormous, ride-them-through-the-air, down to hold it in the palm of your hand. They breathe fire, are majestic, and magical. You just can’t go wrong with them.
SE: I love shifters and Gods. And fae. And vampires. Ummm…I love them all, especially when they fall for a mortal heroine.

Why will readers fall in love with your anthology story?

Leisl: It is a friend’s kid-sister to lover story twined with prescience that indicates that a fated mate would be killed if they mated with you. There’s the desperation to change fate and then dealing with the consequences and coming to understand the depths of threads that join mates despite how a person might try to fight it. It’s emotional and fast-paced and romantic. And for those who love my Pack Bound books, it tells the story of Skye and River’s parents. And for those who haven’t read the series, it’s a great introduction into the Pack Bound world.
Daniel: It’s a captive romance with a warlord called Ragnar who thinks he’s all that. He’s forced to own up to the hurt he caused his former lover, Absolon, who’s now so much stronger than he was thanks to a mysterious new power. Will Ragnar repair the damage he’s caused to Absolon’s heart or just take Absolon’s new power for his own? Oh, and there’s a dog.
Claire: Shuree is a heroine who knows exactly what she wants—peace—but must risk her life to get it. She is required to stand up not only to her family, but also her family and her enemy. By her side is a man who was her enemy (and might still be), and who is unwavering in his confidence that she can change their whole world for the better. If you like reluctant heroes, high-stakes tension, and desperate, last-ditch efforts, then you’ll love The Daughter’s Duty.
SE: What’s not to love about a plucky single mum heroine who doesn’t need a man to take care of her, because she’s a badass witch herself? Still, might be she needs a growly wolf occasionally to back her up, particularly when the Inquisition come calling.

Where can readers stalk you?

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