Echo Springs Sightings

Me in Big W in Box Hill

Over the years I’ve been a writer, I’ve seen many authors post photos of their books on bookshelves in DDS (discount department stores – a new phrase I’ve only just discovered in this wonderful world of print book publishing!) and regular book stores.

Bundaburg Big W


It always seemed like an exciting discovery and one I sometimes joined in on their behalf, taking photos of friends’ books that I saw in stores and posting a ‘look what I found’ post on social media.


Big W Sydney suburbs

It was always fun, but also made me, to a small degree, feel like I was missing out on something essential in having my books be released digitally and not printed.


Dan’s dad in Big W Perth

Don’t get me wrong, I was always very proud of my digital releases – as much went into writing and editing them as any print released book – but there’s no ‘discovery in the wild’ factor with a digital book. A secret part of me wanted to feel the thrill of that discovering of my book out in the wild.

My boy in Big W – Doncaster

And now that dream has come to fruition. One of the benefits of having been part of a continuity, where I worked with three other brilliant authors to come up with a whole town and the stories that would play out within that town over four books, is I get to share that ‘discovery in the wild’ with them – four times the fun! And then there’s been the discovery outside the four of us where other people have snapped Echo Springs and posted for us too.

Dan’s Hubby in Kmart in Perth

So, in true David Attenborough style, I am going to show you how Echo Springs was tracked down out in the wilds of Big Ws, K-Marts and other places as well.


TJ and her son in Kmart in Sydney suburb

The first copy was spotted out in the wilds at Big W in Bundaberg and snapped up by the happy snapper.

The next was spotted at another Big W, this time in the suburbs of Sydney.

Then TJ Hamilton (author of the 3rd book in the series, Echoes of the Past) and her son took a happy snap with these copies in the wilds of their local Big W.

Daniel de Lorne’s (author of the 2nd book in the series, Embers and Echoes) hubby found the next in K-Mart over in Perth.

Big W Catalogue

It was sighted in the Big W catalogue – woohoo.

Then it was my turn to find a copy in Big W in Box Hill after having hunted it down unsuccessfully in Doncaster Big W (they had empty shelves so obviously hadn’t stocked their big game items yet! :))

Laura in Big W Donvale

My friend Laura tracked down a copy in her local DDS near Donvale.

Lee Christine found it making friends with her new book (Heart of the Town) in her local Big W.

Christina Lee at her local Big W

Dan’s dad found it in a Kmart near him (not sure where that was, but assume somewhere in Perth).

My boys in Kmart – Tuggeranong

My boys in Big W – Tuggeranong

My boys then tracked it down when we were visiting Canberra in the Big W and Kmart at Tuggeranong.


I look forward to seeing who next sees Echo Springs out about in the wilds.


Dangerous Echoes: Book 1 Echo Springs is out now on ebook and you can buy it at:

iBooks, Google Play, Kobo, Amazon AU

Echo Springs is available at Big W and Kmart and you can buy it online or in store at: Angus&Robertson, Booktopia, The Nile, Boomerang Books, Dymocks

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  1. It’s totally awesome, Leisl. I can’t wait to dive into the book, but as you know, I’m waiting for my 24 hour train ride. At least the time will fly by 😉

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