Dr Who? Not if my kids could help it.

Day of the Doctor

Day of the Doctor

I’ve just come back after watching the Dr Who 50th anniversary special – Day of the Doctor – at my mum and dad’s house and I know I’m going to have to watch it again. Not just because I enjoyed it – because I did – but because what with the kids running around and making noise and deciding 7.30pm was the perfect time to fight (after having been fairly well behaved all day) and then demanding drinks and fighting over what movie they would watch because they suddenly decided they weren’t watching Dr Who, I missed quite a bit of it.

Thankfully, I taped it. So, now my house is quiet, I am going to sit down and watch it again and get back to you later on this week to talk about it. I do know from what I did manage to catch, that I just loved the combination of David Tennant’s Doctor and Matt Smith’s Doctor on the screen, not to mention all the little nods to past doctors and the little Tom Baker cameo at the end (who could ever forget that voice?)

I also loved Bad Wolf Rose and the little glimpse of the new doctor was lovely too – although the thought of Matt not being my Doctor any more is as upsetting as when David was no longer the doctor (which just reminds me of how I felt when Tom Baker was no longer the doctor either.)

Anyway, time to fully imerse myself in the Doctor Who mythology and enjoy the using of that mythology to re-write the mythology – pretty clever, I have to say.

Yay Doctor Who!

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