Downton Abbey – another go?

Downton Abbey Promo Poster

Downton Abbey Promo Poster

I just saw a promo for Downton Abbey. I was so angry at the end of last year when they killed another one of the main characters (for those who haven’t watched it yet, I won’t say who.) I went to bed fuming and thought I wasn’t going to watch it again and woke up still fuming the next day. But I’m afraid I’ve just been reeled in.

It looks very much like they’ve done a rejig and have returned to what made it such a lovely show to watch in the first place so… I’m going to give it a go – I just so love the manners and the era and the costumes. I don’t care so much for Mary – she is rather hard to like, which I think is quite by design – but I do like Enid and all the wonderful servants who really make the show (not to mention Hugh Bonneville – just a wonderful patriarch. He’s come a long way from the bumbling character he played in Notting Hill.)

So, Downton Abbey, I’m going to watch you again for a little while – but you better make it good!

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  1. Mary’s my favourite : ) Her and the Dowager. And yes, give it a go. It was not the most eventful of seasons but it was lovely all the same.

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