Don’t Drop Dead from Shock

That’s what I’m going to have to say to all my friends when I tell them that I’ve actually entered the ‘real world’ by having my first foray into the WWW by starting my own blog/website. You must of course take into account that I am the only person I know who doesn’t have some kind of smart phone that does everything except make dinner and put the kids to bed.

I actually have only the most basic mobile phone a person can have. I often look in envy at other people’s fancy mobiles, but I can’t seem to justify getting one for myself, seeing I never use the one I have. In actual fact, my friends have come to understand that contacting me by email is the best way to get a response. I will always return their email immediately. Where else, if they leave a message on my mobile, it might be a month before I notice. Now, in my own defence, I am a swimming teacher (or Aquatic Educator as we say in the business) and can’t answer my phone when I’m in the pool (obviously!) And when I’m not at work, I can usually be found rushing to pick up the kids from school (I won’t answer the phone while driving the car) or I’m at home, where I will pick up the phone if I hear it ring or return a call if you’ve left me a message (on my home phone, that is.)

I’m not anti-technology by any means. I do have email (which, as I said above, I’m very good with – writing correspondence comes naturally, seeing I’m a writer) and I have an iPad (bought for me to write on in sporadic moments of free time, but mainly used by my kids to surf the web and play games on) and of course my trusty laptop (or not so trusty just when I need it the most). But the whole keeping my world on a phone thing has swum right by me and lapped me – twice! (I am a swimming teacher, so excuse the swimming metaphor!) So, figuring I needed to enter this ‘you’re no-one unless you can be googled’ world, I finally buckled down, and with my wonderful husband’s help, now have my lovely website/blog, where I can chat about everything writerly (I know, that’s not a word, but if ‘bootylicious’ can become a word, so can ‘writerly’) and some other stuff besides.

So, everyone who knows me – Don’t Drop Dead from Shock. I’m finally ‘real’.

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  1. Hi Leisl

    I’ve added you to my google reader, so all your posts will land in my pile to read 🙂

    About to go and visit our ‘aquatic educator’.


  2. Hi Leisl
    Welcome to cyberspace. Looking forward to reading your writerly posts. And I agree “writerly” is so a word and a wonderful one.


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