Destiny said yes to Dark Moon.

I’ve had some lovely news that I’ve been sitting on for a few weeks, but now I feel free to tell the world – Dark Moon is going to be published by Destiny. I’m so excited. It was a nail biting time waiting to hear back from them (the usual worries of would they like it were added to by the questions all first time published authors have – ‘am I a 1 book wonder?’ and ‘can I write anything else that is any good’. I could go on with the worries, but I’ll spare you the neurotic and just embrace the happy.

Paranormal and fantasy novels are my passion and I am so excited that the first one of my Witch-Were Series is going to be published. I will let you know more as I know – publication date, cover when I get it and so on.

You’ll find a blurb about Dark Moon on my WIP pages.

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  1. Yipeee – thats such fabulous news!!!!

    And that paranoia about being a one book wonder is real – well done for getting over it so fast – your in the slip stream now my friend, just keep going!


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