Cover Reveal: Soul Cursed

I have the cover for Soul Cursed! (cue jumping up and down, blowing horns and throwing confetti in excitement!) It’s so pretty – my cover designer, the extremely talented Samantha Marshall, has outdone herself on this one! But don’t take my word for it:

I love it soooo much. It made me so happy to see Tamuel on the cover in his suit and sitting in his private space he created to get away from the prying eyes of the Gods. It’s exactly as I imagined it – and him while he was there, pondering how in all the Hells he was going to get his mother’s magic back and save his family.

What do you think?

To celebrate, I’m doing a special pre-order price of only 99c (USD)!

Soul Cursed

A soul cursed, a love discovered, an evil unbound …

Immortal witch Korinna Soteira has spent almost 2,000 years trying to save the souls lost when she failed to stop Mt Vesuvius from exploding. Except, what she needs is a spell and a magical gem, both forgotten in time.

When Tamuel, the betraying cupid she once loved, turns up in the Underworld with the very items she needs to set things right, she thinks the Fates are having a good laugh. Especially given he’s on a quest to win his mother and father their happy ever after – something he’s been cursed never to have for himself. But she won’t let the meddling Fates get the best of her. She can work with the annoyingly attractive cupid if she has to.

However, the Fates aren’t finished playing with Korinna and Tamuel, and if they are to complete their quests, they must face up to one of the most dangerous witches of all time – a witch who will play their fears against them and make them sacrifice everything, even their love.

“This is the second book in the Gods Cursed series and will keep you hooked from beginning to end.”
N Parker – Amazon, Goodreads and BookSprout Reviewer

“It’s an action packed story with a cast of strong characters and an intriguing story line. I’m looking forward to the next book.”
Brenda Moser – Goodreads Reviewer

“In “SOUL CURSED” by Leisl Leighton, the characters Korinna and Tamuel have partnered up for their personal quests. Don’t miss their amazing adventure to see if they can achieve their goals and perhaps fall back in love again.”
Emily Pennington – Amazon, Goodreads and BookSprout Reviewer

If you love stories with magic, beta heroes, witches, second chance romance, fated mates, curses and meddling gods and goddesses all wrapped up with a sexy HEA, then Soul Cursed is the story for you. Discover the magic of the Gods Cursed Series and pre-order your copy today for only 99c!

Due out on 6th July 2023

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