Cover Reveal: A Perfectly Paranormal Halloween Anthology

Here it is, the gorgeous cover for A Perfectly Paranormal Halloween Anthology (APPH). What do you think? I love the way she’s looking at you and the way the magic is rising from the jack-o-lantern in her hand! Mystical and eerie at the same time. ?

Soul Cursed, the second book in the Gods Cursed Series, is my novella that features in this anthology. The APPH Anthology will be out in October in time for, you guessed it, Halloween.

If you want to read Love Cursed: Book 1, Gods Cursed Series, it’s available in A Perfectly Paranormal Valentine (APPV) which was out in February this year.  The buy links are below.

Preorder now for 99c!

To celebrate the amazing cover, the other authors and I are putting the anthology up for the special preorder price of 99c! An amazing deal for 5 paranormal romance stories from award winning and nominated Australian authors. 

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A Perfectly Paranormal Halloween

Who will get their happy ever after the night the veil to the Otherworld thins?

When Demi-Gods and Demons, Witches and Fae, Dracons and Shifters come out to play on All Hallow’s Eve, it’s a night for mischief, for revelry, for power plays. It’s not a night for love … or is it?

Anything could happen this Halloween … and probably will.

A Perfectly Paranormal Halloween is the second offering in the A Perfectly Paranormal Anthology series by new and award-winning Australian authors, and features continuing and standalone stories that will give you goosebumps of the romantic kind. With sweet or spicy romance, action, revenge, secrets and curses, delicious chills and emotional thrills, you are sure to fill all your Halloween desires with this exciting collection of paranormal novellas.

Unlock the magic and preorder your copy of A Perfectly Paranormal Halloween today.

Soul Cursed

A soul cursed, a love discovered, an evil unbound

Korinna Soteira has spent almost two thousand years trying to save the souls lost when she failed to stop Mt Vesuvius from exploding. Except, what she needs is a spell and a magical gem, both forgotten in time.

When Tamuel, the betraying cupid she once loved, turns up in the Underworld with the very things she needs to set things right, she thinks the Fates are having a good laugh. Especially given he’s on a quest to give his mother and father their happy ever after – something he’s been cursed never to have for himself. But she won’t let the meddling Fates get the best of her. She can work with the annoyingly attractive cupid if she has to.

But the Fates aren’t finished playing with Korinna and Tamuel, and if they are to complete their quests, they must face up to one of the most dangerous witches of all time – a witch who will play their fears against them and make them sacrifice everything, even their love.

Preorder now for 99c!

Unlock the magic and preorder your copy of A Perfectly Paranormal Halloween today for only 99c!

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