Book Lovers Night Signing Event

I attended a signing event on Saturday night unlike any I’ve ever gone to before – and it was fabulous. They should all be like this.

Even my son’s cat, Ripley, wanted to come – I struggled to get her out of the bags to pack the books into and then when the bags were full, she rolled all over the books like she wanted to be part of it all. I don’t blame her though because it promised to be good – and it was!

It was called Book Lovers Night – and boy was it! It was down in Frankston – about an hour from Melbourne – and was organised by a lovely enthusiastic member of the Romance Book Club in Frankston, Chelsea. She’d never organised anything like this before – but she should definitely organise more of them because she was good at it!

She had food and a singer and some lovely floral decorations to keep things feeling festive; there were drinks at the bar, a bag of goodies for everyone at the door and plenty of raffle and door prizes to make the night exciting for the readers. On the writer-side of things, there were about a dozen of us, so nice and intimate and just the right number for all the attendees to be able to get around to every table or author they were interested in chatting to, buying books from and getting them signed.

I met so many lovely, enthusiastic readers and sold (and signed) lots of books and swag, which was very exciting – I’m going to have to order more for the next event in Sydney in October! It was my most successful event yet. I did a reading from the first chapter of Soul Cursed, which was very well received (they laughed at the funny parts and hung on the suspenseful parts – which was wonderful) and got to chat to author friends I only see at events like this, and met authors I’d never met before – always a fantastic thing to meet other authors who do this crazy thing that I do.

Here are some photos of the night.

Thanks so much Chelsea for organising it – I hope you do it again (and I get invited!)

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