Blood Cursed Cover Reveal

I’m so excited to be able to share with you the amazing cover for Blood Cursed: Gods Cursed Book 3:

My cover artist, Samantha Marshall, has outdone herself. Every time she sends me a cover I think I can’t love a cover more, but then she proves me wrong with the very next one she does for me. I just love the intensity of the heroine and that green flaming sword – amazeballs!!!

Blood Cursed will be out on the 14th November. You can pre-order now for the special price of $1.99 (USD). This is a limited time price for pre-orders – so don’t miss out. Pre-order your copy today.

Blood Cursed

A secret blood curse; a love worth fighting for.

Failed witch Korinna Soteira needs to figure out how to control her powers before the moon rises on the first night of Oestra. She can’t allow the disaster that killed all the people of Pompeii 2,000 years ago to occur again. Especially if it endangers the life of her beloved Tamuel.

If it was up to her, she’d never use her magic, but if she and Tamuel are to release the trapped HeartsBlood Gem spirit and vanquish the evil witch Clodia, she will need every ounce of her power and more. The problem is the one spell that might allow her to control her magic – a spell she can only access with her cursed blood – is forbidden to her because of how dangerous it could be.

But Korinna will do anything to get her hands on that spell, even if the consequence might destroy the one thing worth living for: her love.

“I absolutely love this … Leighton brilliantly weaves in Greek and Nordic Mythology, Oestra/Easter themes, and a HUGE splash of her rich and thrilling imagination. She is a master at world building, character, plot, and oh…those sex scenes are pretty damn hot. You’d be crazy not to read this series!” 5 Stars: Laura Badhus – Goodreads Reviewer

“Loved this and it’s Easter orientated. Check this out.” 5 Stars: Whitney – Goodreads and BookSprout Reviewer

“A 5 star rated page turner!” 5 Stars: Luc – Amazon and Goodreads Reviewer

If you love stories with magic, beta heroes, witches, second chance romance, curses and meddling gods and goddesses all wrapped up with a sexy HEA, then Soul Cursed is the story for you. Discover the magic of the Gods Cursed Series and download your copy today.

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