My book’s first main advert

Killing Me Softly is featured on the ARRA website at the moment as part of a Destiny Romance post. It’s pretty exciting to see your book and name up there as suggested reading. I can’t imagine what it must be like to see posters of your book out in book stores, in magazines and on billboards. I know that only … Read More

Book Launch

My lovely Monday writing group are holding a book launch for me for my new novel, Killing Me Softly. It is going to be held on Saturday 15th June, which is the official launch date of my novel. I am so excited, but at the same time, I’m nervous, because they say a book launch isn’t a proper book launch … Read More

Killing Me Softly Cover is up

My Killing Me Softly cover is up on the Destiny Romance website I’m thrilled with it. It evokes the feel of the book. I hope everyone else loves it as much as I do.

What’s in a name?

What’s in a name? Apparently heaps. A swimming teacher I work with said to me the other day because of multiple negative experiences with boys called Jackson, and girls called Brittany, she couldn’t help but roll her eyes whenever she had a new kid to teach who had one of those names and think, ‘what hell are these ones going … Read More

I got ‘The Call’!

I was at home with my son – he was sick and home from school – on Friday 15th March. I would normally have been at work and so really wasn’t expecting to hear from anyone – because all my family and friends would know not to call me at home. But the phone rang. It was the lovely Sarah … Read More

Epiphany – Or: when you suddenly realise what you’ve been doing wrong.

I had an epiphany last year – thanks to attending a workshop with Michael Hauge and I want to share it with you. The epiphany I got from the Michael Hauge workshop had to do with conflict. Conflict, both external (in a romance novel, this is what is pushing your hero and heroine together) and internal (the thing that keeps … Read More

Write what you love – or not?

Last weekend I went to the Penguin Writing for Commercial Fiction Workshop. It was a great workshop desiged for those who write commercial fiction and if they run another one, I would highly suggest anyone writing commercial fiction should go. The fabulous Anne Gracie and Fiona McIntosh were speakers and kept us all enthralled with how they came to be … Read More

Are we there yet?

This is a question I constantly ask myself – Are we there yet? It’s a question kids annoy their parents with on long (or sometimes short, but they feel long) car trips. It is a question that makes said car trips even longer – an endurance test that most parents only survive by gritting their teeth and trying hard not … Read More

It’s true what they say – practice makes perfect

In my other life, I’m a swimming teacher. The thing that often frustrates and bemuses me and my fellow swim teachers is that parents will come to us and say that they don’t think their child is progressing very fast. The conversation goes something like this: “My child, little Ben, isn’t progressing very fast.” “Well, he is progressing, but just … Read More