Cover Reveal: Soul Cursed

I have the cover for Soul Cursed! (cue jumping up and down, blowing horns and throwing confetti in excitement!) It’s so pretty – my cover designer, the extremely talented Samantha Marshall, has outdone herself on this one! But don’t take my word for it: I love it soooo much. It made me so happy to see Tamuel on the cover … Read More

New Book Contract

??????????????I have exciting news to share with you.?????????????? My publisher, Harlequin Escape, has just offered a contract for the 2nd book in the Storm Have Series, The Devil Inside, which should be due out in November. My commissioning editor was blown away by ‘what an exciting, thrilling, suspenseful and yet romantic and emotional story’ it is and can’t wait to … Read More

Sexy Rock Musicians

To help celebrate the release of Need You Tonight, asked me to list who I thought the sexiest rock musicians of all time are. Not an easy task – there’s something about a musician that just brings out the sex appeal. But after lots of staring at photos and combing through my playlists, I came up with a list … Read More

Readers Love Need You Tonight

Need You Tonight came out last week and so far, readers are loving it. Here are a few snippets from the reviews that have been coming in: “Kept me on the edge of my seat until the end. What a brilliantly written story and exciting plot … This was one of my best reads so far this year.”  Comfy Couch … Read More

Release Day: Need You Tonight

Need You Tonight the first in my Storm Haven series – a rockstar romance with murder and suspense – is out in the world today! I’m so excited. It has felt like this one has been so long in coming and finally it’s here. So many readers at signings and on social media have told me they can’t wait to … Read More

I’ve Got The Music In Me: Why I wrote Need You Tonight

My mum tells a story about me as a baby that before I could talk, I used to lie in my cot and sing to myself. They weren’t cooing baby sounds, they were actual little melodies. Right then, she knew I was going to be a singer. Music was in my blood, in my soul. It was in me. Music … Read More

The Ultimate Playlist for Writing a Rockstar Thriller Romance

The brilliant all-things-romance website,, asked me to write a piece for them about the music I listened to when I wrote my rockstar romantic suspense novel, Need You Tonight. It was so much fun going over my playlist and listening to all my favourite songs again. They’ve even created a sample one as part of the piece so you … Read More

Naming Need You Tonight

What’s in a name? Apparently heaps. Years ago,  when I was a swimming teacher, a fellow teacher commented that, because of multiple negative experiences with boys called Jackson and girls called Brittany, she couldn’t help but think ‘God no!’ when she got a kid called Jackson or Brittany in her class. Now, I don’t think these kids’ behaviour had anything … Read More


I’m so excited for Need You Tonight to finally be out in the world – it seems like it’s taken an age to get it to you. I’ve heard from some reviewers as they are reading it and they’re loving it, which is so wonderful to hear. This novel was a true heart song for me. Writing it was a … Read More

Romantic Suspense March Sale

So, my publisher has done a pre-celebration of the upcoming release of Need You Tonight by putting all my romantic suspense novels on sale on Amazon in ANZ! If you’re in Australia or New Zealand, grab these great deals now (just click on the images to take you to the book page): Climbing Fear Set against the stirring Victorian Alps, comes a … Read More