Author of the Month on Aussie Bookworm – Yes, it’s me talking about Dark Moon and the paranormal.

DarkMoon_coverIt’s been a busy couple of weeks for me in regards to guest blogs. I’ve had a bit of an overlap today, so I’ll post about each of them so you can check them out if you want over the next few days. But today I am on Aussie Bookworm as Author of the Month. It’s pretty thrilling to be called ‘Author of the Month’. I don’t think I’ve ever been anything of the month before – so I’m feeling pretty special right about now.

I’m talking about my paranormal beliefs and why I write what I do. Come and check it out and leave a comment – comments are always good. Makes things more interesting if I know what you’re thinking too! 🙂

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  • Elizabeth Jane Corbett Posted April 8, 2014 8:24 pm

    Can’t say I’ve been anything of the month before either. Congratulations!

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