APPE is still on sale for a limited time

Easter may be over but the sweet treats keep rolling on.

We’ve been thrilled with the response to A Perfectly Paranormal Easter and the sales for the rest of the anthology series, so we’ve decided to keep them going for a little while longer:

This is a limited time offer – the prices will be going up very soon. So if you haven’t got your copies yet, now’s the time. Details below:

A Perfectly Paranormal Valentine

Valentine’s Day – celebrating forever love with roses and chocolates, claws and fangs, and a magical spell or two …

Whatever your paranormal pleasure, dive into these four original stories from award-winning and new Australian authors in this magical anthology. 

Featuring sweet or spicy romance, action, revenge, secrets, spells and curses, this paranormal anthology will fill all your Valentine’s Day desires.

Witch, vampire, demi-god, fae and shifter: who will get their happy ever after this Valentine’s Day?

“Four original stories about Valentine’s Day that are sure to please everyone who loves paranormal, witches, vampires, fae, shifters and more. Valentine’s Day the paranormal way.”

Five Stars – Linda Tonis – Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

“This is a fabulous collection with something for everyone. There are sweet to downright sexy saucy stories here filled with romance, heartbreak, humour, magic, and mayhem. What’s not to love?”

Five Stars – Dani L – Amazon Reviewer

“I really enjoyed this set of sweet, funny, sexy (some steamy) stories from completely new-to-me authors … and I would definitely like to see more.”

Five Stars – Alias 11 – Amazon Reviewer

Unlock the magic and buy your copy of A Perfectly Paranormal Valentine today.

A Perfectly Paranormal Halloween

Who will get their happy ever after the night the veil to the Otherworld thins?

When Demi-Gods and Demons, Witches and Fae, Dracons and Shifters come out to play on All Hallow’s Eve, it’s a night for mischief, for revelry, for power plays. It’s not a night for love … or is it?

Anything could happen this Halloween … and probably will.

A Perfectly Paranormal Halloween is the second offering in the A Perfectly Paranormal Anthology series by new and award-winning Australian authors, and features continuing and standalone stories that will give you goosebumps of the romantic kind. With sweet or spicy romance, action, revenge, secrets and curses, delicious chills and emotional thrills, you are sure to fill all your Halloween desires with this exciting collection of paranormal novellas.

“I loved this collection and would recommend reading.” 5 stars – Brenda Moser – Goodreads Reviewer

“What a smorgasbord of talent … Just perfection for escaping reality and enjoying so many wonderful stories.” 5 stars – BookDragon – Goodreads Reviewer

A wonderful Halloween Anthology to keep you reading into the dark of night.” 5 stars – Emily Pennington – Goodreads Reviewer

Unlock the magic and order your copy of A Perfectly Paranormal Halloween today.

A Perfectly Paranormal Easter

Easter: a time to indulge in chocolate… and romance.

As the seasons change, bright laughter fills the air and chocolate abounds. Flowers bloom and new life flourishes as fairies, witches and even the gods take a moment to appreciate the miracle of love… Or do they?

Discover the hidden magic of Easter with this highly anticipated paranormal romance anthology, featuring four original stories from the award-winning Australian authors of the A Perfectly Paranormal Anthology series. Whether you like your treats sweet or spicy, there’s guaranteed to be something in this incredible collection to tickle your fancy. Just like chocolate, there’s no such thing as too much… bring it on.

“A 5 Stars rated page-turner.”

Five Stars – Luc – Goodreads Reviewer

“I was holding on to the end to see how it all unravelled! You’ll have to read it for yourself to get the answer, but you won’t be disappointed!”

Five Stars – Maddie Griffith – Amazon Reviewer

“This is a real treat with 4 really great stories to enjoy. Each story was unique and kept my attention from beginning to end. I’m glad I got the chance to check out these amazing authors in one book.”

Five Stars – Mellissa Monteforte Jimenez – Goodreads Reviewer

So grab your favourite sweet treat and indulge with a copy of A Perfectly Paranormal Easter today.

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