A Perfectly Paranormal Valentine Anthology: 3 Days until Release

Only 3 days to go until A Perfectly Paranormal Anthology is released. I’m so excited that my new novella series is starting with Love Cursed in this anthology.

I’m super excited to share the full blurbs for all the novellas in the anthology too:

Love Cursed by Leisl Leighton

A love across time, cursed to stay apart …

Coven librarian, Juliana Stevens, jokes about being cursed. Cursed to fail at love, to fail her family, to fail at being a witch. But after finding an old diary that speaks of Gods and witches and an ancient Love Curse, she starts to realise it isn’t a joke: she truly is cursed.

Even worse, if she does not go to Rome, uncover a secret spell, and be in the exact spot the hex was bound by midnight on Valentine’s Day, her soul will continue to be cursed forever. Oh, and she has to do it all with her soulmate who was bound by the same spell to never reveal himself to her, too.

Valentine’s Day is supposed to celebrate Happy Ever After, but if Jules can’t manage to access her magic and find the man she’s been kept from for thousands of years, it’s going to be Happy Never After forever more.

Bad Batch by Marnie St Clair

Avery Lloyd does not like being a witch – it’s all rules, bureaucracy and hard work. And heaven forbid a witch should use her ability to help herself out.

Avery also hates dogs – as in, really hates dogs. So when her boss – too-good-to-be-true Alec Hewittson – insists she attend the Lost Dogs’ Home for their annual Valentine’s Day charity event, Avery is not happy. The temptation to cast an unlawful spell to get out of it is too great.

But something’s not quite right about this batch of magic, and before she knows it, Avery

has ruined Alec’s life. Unless she can fix her mistakes by Valentine’s Day, the consequences will be permanent and she’ll never be able to make right what she has done.

Catnip by Samantha Marshall

When vampire spy Luxor Dragomir responds to a plea from the gods, the last thing he expects is to seek shelter in a run-down cottage in the middle of nowhere. To make matters worse, the place he thought abandoned is home to a real, live dragon whose wit is as sharp as her teeth.

For reclusive dragon Oaklyn Airecross, spending Valentine’s Day with a stack of book boyfriends and chocolate mousse sounds like heaven – until an uninvited guest picks a fight with her least favourite bean bag, and she’s thrust into a mess of runaway cats, vampire intrigue and frypans.

Lux’s mission is of the utmost importance – not to mention top secret – and with his only ally injured, the prickly vamp is forced to accept that he cannot manage his sacred task alone. Having a dragon as a secret weapon seems like a dream come true, but he can’t shake the feeling that by the time this is over, Oaklyn might steal more than his only remaining beanie.

Fascinated by Lux in spite of herself, Oaklyn sets aside her large TBR pile to help him on his quest. After all, a dragon must do her duty to the gods… and the woman intends to find out exactly what that bulge might be when it twitches inside of his pants.

Filigree and Fate by Helen Howe

Who’d have thought coming face to midriff with an Unseelie lord would end up with everyone covered in garden mulch?

When famed fae-artist Lady Zhulija Aphiski is asked to make reception decorations for a notable Unseelie family wedding, she is attacked by racial bigots at the initial consultation, and that’s despite having a safe pass from fae royalty. Injured and insulted, she rejects the contract.

Not expecting Lady Zhulija to be assaulted in his own home, infamous Unseelie Lord Dario Eribifax immediately recognises his ‘true mate’. How on earth can he convince her to accept both him and the contract for his sister’s wedding – especially when she has yet to recognise their fated connection?

The Valentine’s Day wedding of his sister and her fiancé is ten days away. Desperate to regain Zhulija’s help, and earn her affection in the process, Dario appoints himself her personal assistant.

What could possibly go wrong?

A Broomstick Brew by Georgia Tingley

Wysper Baker had two things on her life-happiness list, but both were beyond her reach – or were they?

  1. Awaken her witchcraft powers – Wysper comes from a family of talented witches, but so far, her powers haven’t manifested. It’s only a matter of time, right?
  2. Revitalise her love life – Her love life can be wrapped up in two words – Scott Newman. Why can’t the irresistible surfer drop his obsessive loyalty to his best friend and her ex-boyfriend, David, and realise that they were meant to be together?

With Valentine’s Day approaching, Wysper problem solves in ‘a very paranormal’ way by using a ‘love potion.’ If it kick-starts her magick – all the better!

Her plan is foolproof. However, when things spectacularly bomb, Wysper finds herself falling for everyone she looks at. 

A hilarious witchcraft back-fire!

A Perfectly Paranormal Valentine Anthology

Valentine’s Day – celebrating forever love with roses and chocolates, claws and fangs, and a magical spell or two …

Whatever your paranormal pleasure, dive into these five original stories from award winning and new Australian authors in this magical anthology. 

Featuring sweet or spicy romance, action, revenge, secrets and curses, this paranormal anthology will fill all your Valentine’s Day desires.

Witch, Vampire, Demi-God, Fae and Shifter: who will get their happy ever after this Valentine’s Day?

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Due out 1 February 2021

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