A Perfectly Paranormal Christmas Cover Reveal Coming Soon

I’m so excited about this one. I’ve seen the cover for A Perfectly Paranormal Christmas and it’s AMAZING. I can’t wait to show it to you all.

But in the meantime, I can tell you a little about this latest anthology in the A Perfectly Paranormal series and share with you that you can now pre-order for only 99c!

A Perfectly Paranormal Christmas

Have you been naughty … or nice?

Christmas is coming! Santa is readying his reindeer and sleigh with toys for all good girls and boys – but he’s not the only magical Being in town. Gods, Goddesses, witches, Fae and all sorts of magical creatures are gathering to celebrate the spirit of Christmas with a spot of tinsel-strewn mayhem.

But they better watch out what they ask Santa for … they just might get it!

The A Perfectly Paranormal Anthology authors are at it again, this time with a Christmas anthology to fill your heart’s desires – and your stockings! Whether it’s making magic or making merry, these four novellas will jingle your bells and add a dash of spice to your egg nog.

If lost souls, wild magic, shifters, fated mates, action, mystery and sexy romance make you tingle, then thisanthology is for you. So decorate your tree, curl up with some delicious cookies and magic yourself some holiday spirit with a copy of A Perfectly Paranormal Christmas today.

My contribution to this amazing anthology is Hearts Cursed: Gods Cursed Series Book 4. Here’s the blurb:

Hearts Cursed

Cursed to live alone, fated to be blood-bound

After being trapped in the HeartsBlood Gem for almost 3000 years, Ilia Silvia is pissed. She’ll never be so needy or naive to trust any of the Gods again. Not only that, once she’s finished helping Korinna and Tamuel, the witch and the cupid who freed her, she plans on finding a way to take her revenge on those who betrayed, trapped and used her.

But first, she must separate her life-force from Dawn, the baby who made her corporeal with her powers, and help find Korinna’s long-lost father Triptolemus – oh, and avoid all the Christmas cheer that sets her teeth on edge. Three seemingly impossible tasks. Until she realises the man she’s been having sexy dreams about just might be the answer, even if he is wearing a Santa suit.

Trip O’Dem has lived without a memory for over 2000 years. All he knows about himself is that he enjoys farming, is immortal, and can grow things with his blood. It’s been a lonely existence, except for Christmas time, when he truly comes alive. Then he sees a ‘Christmas angel’ in his field and starts having non-stop sexy dreams. Dreams that also indicate she is the answer to the mystery of who he is. Problem? She seems to hate Christmas, and there is a fury inside her so great it threatens to swallow them all whole.

Surely it’s nothing that a bit of Christmas spirit won’t be able to handle? But there is more at play than he knows. Will their cursed hearts betray them, or will a Christmas miracle save them all?

If you love stories with magic, beta heroes, witches, second chance romance, curses and meddling gods and goddesses all wrapped up with a sexy HEA, then Hearts Cursed is the story for you. Discover the magic of the Gods Cursed Series and download your copy today.

I can’t wait for you to read this one. Loki makes another guest appearance – he’s both naughty and nice! And my hero is super hot and my heroine a very special kind of funny grinch.

The other books in the anthology are all amazing Christmas stories too, packed full of mystery, romance, hot heroes, feisty heroines, action and plenty of Christmas spirit to get you in the mood for this most magical time of the year.

Stay tuned for the cover reveal next week! In the meantime, I’ve got some other book sales news.

Book Sales and Freebies

Some of my books are in special book promotions.

You can get Pack Bound and A Perfectly Paranormal Valentine for FREE as part of the Paranormal Romance Book Fair. Click on the image below to find these novels and heaps more special deals:

You can also get Love Cursed and Witch Bound in the Free Shifter Books Promo. Click on the image below to get these and many other amazing shifter-romances:

That’s it from me today with the news. Make sure you pre-order your copy of A Perfectly Paranormal Christmas today and watch out for more news on the anthology next week.

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